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Kalafina – Kagayaku Sora No Shijima Ni Wa lyrics

Romaji Lyrics:
Tsumetai namida wo tataete
Toki ga michiru koro

Anata wa hikari wo sagashite
Yami wo hiraku darou

Akane no utagoe
Sono mune wo somete yuku
Eien ni kogarete
Chiriisogu shirabe no you ni

Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa
Watashi no niwa ga aru
Itsuka anata ga tadoritsuku
Miriwa no kanata ni

Tsuki wo mamoru yoru no yami ga
Sasayaku komuriuta
Nakanai kodomo no hitomi ga
Yume ni nureru made

Nidoto wa aenai anata dakara
Itoshiku kuru wa shiku
Yoru wa mune wo eguru you ni

Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa
Anata no ie ga aru
Tsuki no ochiru yami no mukou
Minamoto wa kaeru


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Submitted byAoiTrancy


  • N-D
    "When you are overflown with cold tears,
    and when the time is ripe,
    you'd probably have sought out light,
    and shattered darkness.

    The Persian-red singing voice
    slowly dyes your chest the same color,
    as if it's an eternally yearning
    and swiftly dispersing melody.

    In the stillness of the shining sky
    is my backyard garden.
    Some day you will finally reach
    the other side of the shore.

    The night's darkness, while guarding the moon,
    whispers along a lullaby, on and on,
    until the eyes of the children,
    who no longer cry, become soaked in dreams.

    Since I will never see you a second time,
    it feels like my chest is being hollowed out
    by the night, dearly and madly.

    In the stillness of the shining sky
    is your home of return.
    Beyond the darkness where the moon sinks
    is a narrow path that leads you

    back to the beginning."
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