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Kaite Fitts – Slippin' Into The Past lyrics

Could have had a chance,
Could of gone through.
Thought I'd gotten over you.
Thought I'd break free

I'm becomin' who I was before,
I'ts my fault that everything is ruined.
I'm slippn' into the past,
Fallin' for you

I don't kow what to do.
Who am I to you?
The pain of it all is caused by my own over confidence.
Nothing will come out of this but a killed dream

I'm becomin' who I was before,
I'ts my fault that everything is ruined.
I'm slippn' into the past,
Fallin' for you!

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Submitted bycraz


  • craz
    This song is about a girl who broke up with her boy friend but figures out that she still loves him. The only problem is the boy has moved on. Then she realizes that the break up was her fault. She finally texts him and asks him who am I to you. But he never answers. So she now knows that her ex-boy friend doesn't love her anymore and realizes that this will all turn out to be a killed dream. To be honest I should know what it means because one of my best friends ever wrote this song for our band. We wanted to have an awesome band and be famous and give some of the money to charity. And I guess that putting this song on LyricsMode was a chance to let the world know that we are here to make music and help the people in need. If this song stands for anything it is our friendship. Yeah, we like goofing off, so what?!? Everyone goofs off once in a while. Just because I'm 11 1/2 and Kaite is 13 doesn't mean that we are totally different. We actually are almost identical! For some friendships the kids are unstopable and that is how we are. I hope you enjoy the song. Oh! Almost forgot. Kaite, you are the greatest friend I have ever had.
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