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K' Doulos & Ilere Paulus – Better Than I Deserve lyrics

Hook (K' Doulos)
How you doing, how you doing
How you doing, how you doing
Better than I deserve, better than I deserve
Better than I deserve, better than I deserve
How you doing better than I deserve
How you doing better than I deserve
How you doing better than I deserve
How you doing better than I deserve

Verse (Ilere Paulus)
Mama gave birth to a young criminal,
Call him the prodigal,
Though still young he was found guilty
I'm so filthy worse than a sewage
Grave is my pedigree
But I'm still grinning, your boy got saved in
Sin lost it grip on me
Now I'm chilling in the son proper than any inn
Nothing to brag for all I need is Christ more
No more hanging poster on my wall that He died for
From A-Z all I got I don't deserve it
I was drowing in sin but the savior come through
To my rescue, feeling real brend new
Different from what I used to be

Hook (K' Doulos)

Verse (K' Doulos)
Conceived in iniquity hostile to the gospel
Jesus came and die for me still I got idols
I clame that I'm saved but I got no humility
Born to be God foes but he made us one of his
We chilling like we clean
Because our sins has been atoned for
Let be honest we broken even on our best show
I need Christ on this journey coz the path is narrow
Shut down my spot lights if they don't reflect you
I used to walk in the dark Christ switch on the light
I'm living like a parasite on his blood to survive
I deserved eternal flame Jesus pay the penalty
And He got me saved in no more condemnation

Hook (K' Doulos)

Verse (K' Doulos)
I'm real not scared to die
You can take a step and ask me why, Philippians 1:21
Emphasize it so much clear is the reason I got no fear
And I know the kingdome is near
Now I'm eargaly waiting for the messiah
Instead of living to retire
I used to leave my life everyday in the catch 22
Comitting crime against the maker
That's all I used to do
Selfish ambitions got your boy blinded
The son got me cleaned up rehabilitation

Verse (Ilere Paulus)
I strip off my old self and put on the new me
Like a crack addict straight from rehabe
Your boy has been sign under Christ label
I'm now is rebel, his rebel

Hook (K' Doulos)

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