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Jyeway – Let U Down lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Baby I've been working day and night,
Tryna get my music just right,
So we could live that wonderful life,
But this ain't happenin,
Cause I failed to pull it through girl,
Now what hurts the most was you beleived in me,
And now it's hard for me to fall asleep,
If I could rewind the hands of time,
I'll make sure that this time I'll try,
For my baby...

I promised you a million dollar ring,
I promised you won't pay for anythang,
I promised you a thousand other thangs,
But I let you down,
Can't beleive I let you down,
I promised you a house by the lake,
And to get you that car you dreamed since you was 8 girl,
I promised you a thousand other thangs,
But I let you down,
Can't beleive I let you down...

[Verse 2:]
Baby I'm sorry for all the pain,
It's just that it's hard to make it in this game,
If only I walked that extra mile,
Instead of talked all that denial,
Then maybe we'll be somewhere today,
But in my head I'm thinking that it's too late girl,
But you beleive in me so now I gotta change girl,
I gotta make it to the top,
And get my music hot,
And do the thangs I promised you baby...


Baby I've been tryna tell you everythang,
That I wana do for you lately,
Now I'm not tryna mess with your head,
But I wana make it up to you baby,
I wana give you everythang,
So I know I gotta up and change,
Get my head into this music thang,
Sing my harmonies tight and my verses just right,
Cause I got all night,
To sit around and perfect every second of my song babe,
So there's no excuse for me to have any sort of delay,
This song was made for you,
My heart my soul is true,
There's nothin I won't do,
Baby girl it's all for you...

I can't believe I
I can't believe I
I can't believe I let you down girl [x2]


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