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Just Jack – Eye To Eye lyrics

(feat. Sammy D)

Sometimes I wonder how I cope
When every time I open my mouth
You jump down my throat
And some nights the beds so cold
In frozen sheets
It's like we're lying at opposite poles
And I just don't know
What to do
Loosen my grip
Or take a tighter hold on you
Just remember
That you came looking for me
I didn't hunt in someone else's territory
You presented the opportunity
It was you who pursued me
Maybe you just needed the change
And got a kick out of playing the game
I know you don't like things that stay the same
So I guess you're not to blame
I suppose it's my fault again


Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
But I don't ask too many questions why
Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
But I don't ask too many questions why

Neither of us knew what to expect
What was gonna happen next
So we cherished every caress
Sorry I wasn't there
When you needed a rest
A shoulder to cry on
Moral support
I always thought about you
And I hated the fact
We only had
Brief moments of contact
We'll survive and if we persevere
Then maybe this will last for years
I don't mean to exert pressure
I just wanna give
And receive pleasure
And if you're pouring
I'll have full measure
Cos it's you I'll treasure
Even if we're not together


Even though these questions still remain
Time won't change a single thing
We're still playing all these selfish games
But I'd hate to hate you
Why do all the questions stay the same
Why do all you're answers cause me pain
Do I need to say it all again
I'd hate to hate you


I know we're not exactly Romeo and Juliet
But come on
I ain't nowhere near ready to quit on this yet

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