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Judy Garland – Mack The Black lyrics

There's a pirate, known to fame
Black Macocco was the Pirate's name
In his day, the tops was he
Round the Caribbean or Caribbean Sea

When he sites a clipper ship
Mack would board her and begin to clip
First he'd grab, the ladies fair
Especially those with jewels,
Those with jewels to spare!

Especially those with jewels,
Those with jewels to spare.
Especially those with jewels,
Especially those with jewels,
Those with jewels to spare!

With his ladies and his loot,
Next Macocco from the ship would scoot
Then he'd set the ship afire...what a pretty funeral
Funeral pyre!

Mack the Black, what a pretty funeral,
Mack the Black, marvelous funeral pyre!
Though the years this black Macocco
Lead his pirate reign
His claim to fame was as black as his name
All around the Spanish Maine.

When he'd a make his daily rounds
Gals would trail him like a pack of hounds
Ev'ry night he'd have a date Ladies go to pieces,
Over Pieces of eight.

Sleep my baby, baby sleep
Time for babe to be in slumber deep
If you wake or cry or laugh
Mack the Black will whack ya
And he'll whack ya in half!

Mack the black will really whack
Mack the black will whack ya!
Mack the black would really have to
Whack ya in half!

Mack the Black will really whack ya,
Mack the Black will whack ya!
Mack the black will whack ya
And he'll whack ya!

Aaaaaah! Mack was ruthless,
Mack was feared
Perhaps it's better that he disappeared
Yet I know, that he was bad
I could fall in love with,
Fall in love with the lad!

Evening star, if you see Mack
Stop his wanderings and guide him back
I'll be waiting, patiently
By the Caribbean or Caribbean Sea.

Is that the Caribbean Sea?

And if I met this famous pirate
Met him face to face
You think I'd run and hide my head
And scream around the place
Why no I'd just sashay around
Displaying all my charms

And soon I'd have him walk the plank
Right into my arms

That's what I think of Mack the Black Macocco!

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