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Js – Bye-Bye lyrics

[verse one - Kim]
We can't even be friends
Cause everytime I see you
We be doing things that we should not be doing
Cause boy you got a girlfriend (girlfriend)
Even though the s** is so damn good
I feel so bad
Gotta try my best to resist it

[bridge - js (Kim)]
What am I doing here? (That's what I ask myself)
Cause everytime I see my face in the mirror
(I see me and you and someone else)

[hook - js]
Now your love it gets me high
And I don't wanna let you go
But I got to say bye-bye, baby

Now your love it gets me high
And I don't wanna let you go
But I got to say bye-bye, bye baby

[verse two - Kandy]
We can't even hang out
Cause boy the more we kick it
The more I feel like this is not what it's all about
Boy you're already taken (taken)
And although I love you
I hate the fact that she is with you while I play the kickstand

[repeat bridge w/Kandy & hook]

[break - js (Kandy)]
Just being one of your girls won't do (it won't do)
Cause eventually (eventually)
I'm a want all of you (I'm a want all of you)
I just gotta be real with myself (I got to be real)
Gotta cut it off (oh boy)
Though it's hard for me to brake up with you

[repeat hook till fade]

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