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Jon Young – With You lyrics

Girl I'm stickin witchu/
I hope that's coo/
Cuz' I jus aint the type/
To be needin them too/

You're all I need/
I don't need 2 or 3/

Verse 1:
My friends don't understand/
Why I'm witchu all the time/
I guess they haven't found a dime/
One that blows they mind/

They talkin bout lets hit the club/
It's goin down tonite/
A booty shake contest/
And a mud pit fight/

But I aint the type/
To want a chick like that/
Especially when I found/
A girl that's fly & got my back/

Yea them dudes droolin over/
All them chicks on stage/
But when they get em/
And they cheatin/
Then they act amazed/

You can't tie a girl down/
That you met at a bar/
Cuz chances are/
That's where the are/
Everytime y'all apart/

So i'ma pass/
On the invitation/
I got a fly chick/
No need to look any further/
My search is over wit/

All I need is my shawty/
All I need is my girl/
I don't need no other chicks/
Cuz you are my world

Verse 2:
If ya need me i'll be wit her/
I just can't get enuff/
Ill put my music on hold/
Just to go and pick her up/

From work/
I love spendin time/
I love her by my side/
I want her next to me/
When I go to sleep at nite/

I feels so right/
Everytime we lock lips/
Everytime we hold hands/
I know this is what love is/

Its been a year now/
The year jus flew by/
That's how I know/
That I wanna spend my whole life/

Wit mah shawty/
I couldn't ask for betta/
It's like I'm high/
Ever since we first got together/

Don't need no weed/
No brew/
Because I gotchu/
Forever me and you/
Let me know if that's coo/

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