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John Reuben – Follow Your Leader lyrics

They've got me pinned against the wall
It's political and predictable
Anything you say will be exaggerated and completely blown out of proportion
Ignore them if you can but I doubt you will
They're out to control how people feel by pushing their agenda on your sub-conscience
While you're unaware they start the brainwashing process
Time to call out the unwilling
The ones who need to be cut deep in order to have feeling
You're not used to facing opposition
You've done all the talking now it's time to listen
I understand you want to make a difference
Well you can start by sticking to your own business
You're an entertaining man trying to be a politician
Stop abusing your position

Follow him follow them follow me follow you follow who
Follow your leader
Do you even know what you're buying into
Before you follow your leader
It's the blind leading the blind
Don't be so eager to follow your leader
Know the truth before you try and turn me into a believer
And make me follow your leader

Conservative uptight right wing republican
Last time I checked I was none of them
But that's the brush you want to paint me with taint me with
Some aim to please but you aim and miss
Add maybe, but I can't tune you out
I would change the station but your signal's too loud
And you're too proud to realize you're a moron
Defend what you want whether it's right or wrong
And this applies to both sides of the equation
Arrogant men in power sure are frustrating
On a pedestal you hear them ranting and raving
Proudly proclaiming what they know nothing about
I hear you talking loud but I will not allow
Tinsel Town to show me how to run my life
Sure you can sing and dance
But that don't mean that you're qualified to give America advice


There's a snake bite in America's skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There's a snake bite in the church's skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There's a snake bite in the media's skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There's a snake bite in the youth of America's skin

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