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John Reuben – Doin lyrics

Yeh people been like yo ruben.. Where ya been?
Where ya been the last couple of years?
I'm like hey man I aint gone no where
I've just been marinatin n sarinating n hurkulatin in the lab
So their like hey yo man you know.. Wheres hip hop going?
N I'm like iunno but I'm here to take the game back
The game is officially mine.. Its officially mine
Hold on.. Now everybody sing along!


Reuben what is he dipidy doin'
(c'mon ladys sing it)
Reuben what is he dipidy doin'

*First Verse*

This ego was quick to say
That he was better than me better be correct
Before you step and try to sever my integrity please
You mc's need to quit it
I mean do you really think that you're the only ones who did it
Haha and what is it we don't get huh?
Maybe that empty book bag that you sport as a gimmick
To the timberland boots that have never been scuffed
All the while you're still hollering rugged and rough
I call your bluff you're just like the rest of them
The only difference
Is you follow a less popular trend, friend
Tell me how are you going to dog the mainstream
Then turn around in the underground and do the exact same thing
That you're dissing
You get what I'm putting down
I say a gimmick can be found above as well as underground
And since what's real can't be defined by culture or man
I'm curious as to what makes you think that you can

Sing along!..
Reuben what is he dipidy doin'
Reuben what is he dipidy doin'
(n' all the fellas sing)
Reuben what is he dippidy doin'
(n' all the lady's sing)
Reuben what is he dippidy doin'

*Second Verse*

Ideas start occurring and words start stirring
Never would I suggest this to be the best
It's just, I like putting words on mics
It's something I like to do something I find nice
Don't' need to dominate or inflate my confidence
Got no problem giving M. C's complements
But some get mad at me
Like they want to battle me
Upset because I made their hip hop happy
Actually I think you tough guys are corny
And my lp comes with a full proof warranty
If you buy it and don't like it feel free not to listen
I'm not sure about a refund but you're welcome to diss it
Cuz I don't will not and won't ask you to
React to the beat
If you're not feeling it, but perhaps
Maybe you are in that case it goes
One for the treble two for the base
Arrogance mixed with ignorance will and can
Bring forth a man
That don't really understand
But claims he does
And chu know what that's not good

(n' all the fellas say)
Reuben what is he dipidy doin'
(hey hey ladies)
Reuben what is he dipidy doin'
(n' all the fellas sing)
Reuben what is he dippidy doin'
(now hey lady's sing)
Reuben what is he dippidy doin'

*Third Verse*

Ya'll got to be kidding
Man, some of ya'll treat art like it was some sort of religion
Following the rules one two and on through
To the point you don't create art
Art created you
Ya'll got to be kidding
Some of ya'll treat hip hop
Like it was some sort of religion
Following the rules
One two and on through
To the point you don't create hip hop
Hip hop created you


Reuben what is he dipidy doin'
(he can't win the realm)
Reuben what is he dipidy doin'
(a.. A realm.. N whn you come to the realm, its gonna be like that.
I'm not sure why but it does... So remember that)


"i know u gonna like dis"


Ahh haha.. This is off the heazzie
From the logically cleazzie
I jus wanna say this joint is off the heazzie
We jus keep dippidy doin it baby.. Haha yeh

Yo this is nicholas mark.. Lpresident of the jrfc
You know I'm dippidy doin it
Oh yeh n' don't forget to bring ur items
For the bake sale I'm having this weekend.. Thanks

Hey this is grant bass player extrodiare'
N' sumtimes I play the guitar but you know how that goes
Hu hu hu hu hu that's how I dippidy do it

Hey yo this is Cleasie Cleasie Cleasie
N you know I'm uhh back behind the boards
N uh.. This is how I dippidyy -dooooo.. Oooo.. Ooo
A dippidy do.. A dooey dooey dooey dooey doo ddo
You know what I'm sayin?

As you can see
There are 2 kinds of people in life
There are dim that do
N there are that dippidy do
Which one are you?

As for me.. I'm a dippidy dooer.. Peace

Crowd... N fade out

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