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John Lithgow – I'm A Manatee lyrics

From time to time I dream that I'm a manatee
Undulating underneath the sea
Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity
A modest manatee, that's me

I look just like a chubby, brown banana-tee
As I nose along the cozy ocean floor
Immune from human folly and inanity
That's why a manatee is such a happy, herby bore

I'm a manatee, I'm a manatee
I'm every bit as wrinkled as my grannity
No difference between my face and fanity
A noble manatee, well, that's me

With the dietary habits of a manatee
I never fail to lick my platter clean
I sprinkle seaweed on my raisin branity
The perfect manatee cuisine

With my wit, sophistication and urbanity
I dignify my watery domain
No one near will ever hear me use profanity
Because a manatee has his image to maintain

I'm a manatee, I'm a manatee
I keep my reputation spick and spanity
No difference between my face and fanity
A speakly manatee, well, that's me

Encumbered by my lumbering giganity
I'm thought to be an ocean going brute
The least appealing creature on the planety
But to a manatee, I'm cute

I prefer my world of silence and of sanity
But my underwater friends don't all agree
For whenever I am dreaming I'm a manatee
Somewhere a manatee is dreaming that he is me

I'm a manatee, I'm a manatee
Outside the fold of boring old humanity
No difference between my face and fanity
I'm a rolly polly, jelly rolly, sugar bowly
Heart and souly manatee, that's me

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