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John Butler Trio – Hello lyrics

Hello! Hello! What's going through your head?
Hell there boy better get it read! (x3)

You used to be so real!
And all of your love everybody did feel.
But now your turning into a fake,
And all of our hearts yeah you do break,
Cause of all those drugs you do take,
One big asshole of you it does make,
Sticking say, all that shit up your nose.
Hell man, that's where all your money goes!

Then you start ripping off your friends!
Hell yeah man that's where my story ends.
And then you're going around to your Mom and Dads
Sticking all their valuables into bags.
And you're going around to the hockshop,
So once again man you can go and get ripped off.
But what you be looking for inside,
Yeah man it's up jumped gone and died.

Don't your see your wrongs?
They can't all be right.
Can't you see your days?
They've turned into night.
Can't you see the sun?
Can't you see the moon?
Can't you see the cowboy will be coming for you?
Hello! Hello!

Ripping off your friends,
Now I don't mind just a little indulgence,
But you gotta do it with a conscience!

Now all you're into is drugs.
Talking your shit man hanging with thugs.
Speed equals confidence imagine that!
But you be acting like a spoiled brat,
Thinking that everything's your way,
Getting what you want but you don't wanna pay.
Don't listen to a word anyone say.
Your gonna wind up in the lockup some day ~


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