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She said I'm going out with my girlfriends
Marguerita's at the holiday inn
Oh have mercy my only thought
Was tequila makes her clothes fall off
I told her put an extra layer on
I know what happens when she drinks patron?
Her closets missing half the things she bought
Yea tequila makes her clothes fall off

She'll start by kicking out of her shoes
Lose an earring in her drink
Leave her jacket in the bathroom stall
Drop a contact down the sink

Them panty hose aint gonna last too long
If the DJ puts Bon Jovi on
She might come home in a table cloth
Yea tequila makes her clothes fall off

She can handle any champagne brunch
A bridal shower with Bacardi punch
Jello shooters full of Smirnoff
But tequila makes her clothes fall off

She'll start by kicking out of her shoes
Lose an earring in her drink
Leave her jacket in the bathroom stall
Drop a contact down the sink

She don't mean nothing
She just havin fun
Tomorrow she say oh what have I done
Her friends will joke about the stuff she lost
Yea tequila makes her clothes fall off
Oh tequila makes her clothes fall off
Oh tequila makes her clothes fall off

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  • b
    BTrevorJan 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm
    There IS a hidden meaning in this song, but it's not very well hidden. In fact, I'm surprised none (other than myself) seems to have figured it out. I've looked on several different song meanings websites, and I've never seen an interpretation remotely similar to mine, or indeed any interpretation beyond the actual words of the song.

    The woman in the song is COMMITTING ADULTERY. She's CHEATING on her husband, the singer. When she leaves for a tryst with her paramour, she tells her husband she's going to the Holiday Inn for margaritas with her girlfriends. She's going to the Holiday Inn, alright, or some other hotel, but it's not for the hotel bar. Hotel bars are not known as wild party places, and if they play music at all, it's usually elevator music from a CD, not Bon Jovi by a DJ.

    The items that "fall off" were actually REMOVED, by either the woman or her paramour, and probably got lost in the heat of passion, or forgotten when she was getting dressed afterward (or perhaps they were torn and had to be trashed). When she gets home, and her husband asks about the missing items, she comes up with LAME excuses (more on this below), but the husband cannot accept the fact that she's cheating on him, so he BELIEVES her excuses. (Alternatively, he doesn't believe them at all, but he's repeating her lame excuses sarcastically, as if there's an unspoken "yeah, right" after each line.)

    Consider the missing items, one by one, and their claimed disposition.

    Shoes - I can't imagine a woman taking off her shoes in a bar, no matter how drunk she is. If they're uncomfortable, then why not wear more comfortable shoes to the bar? And wouldn't they get less uncomfortable the drunker she gets?

    Earring - Yes, women lose earrings all the time. Even when they are stone-cold sober. The probability of losing an earring depends on how well the clasp mechanism is functioning, and how well she fastened it (which happened BEFORE she left the house and started drinking tequila). There's nothing about drinking tequila that makes a woman more likely to lose an earring than while drinking any other alcoholic beverage, or not drinking alcohol at all for that matter.

    Jacket - If the woman was out with her friends, she would have left the jacket at the table, probably hung over the back of a chair. She would NOT take it into a filthy bar restroom, remove it, and hang it there.

    Contact - like an earring, this is just as likely to be lost when its wearer is sober, or drinking non-tequila alcoholic beverages. It is much more likely that the contacts were intentionally removed, and one of them misplaced, or better yet, that one was dislodged during vigorous love-making.

    Panty-hose - There is only one reason for a woman to completely remove her panty-hose while not at home, and it isn't a Bon Jovi song. If she's uncomfortable wearing panty hose, then why did she put them on in the first place? And like the shoes, wouldn't they get more comfortable when she was drunk? And why would the combination of tequila AND a Bon Jovi song (but not either one by itself) cause her to take them off? It just doesn't make sense.

    And in general, women who are faithful to their husbands usually don't spend that much time away from their husbands. There are at least four different types of alcohol-consuming gatherings that she attends (or claims to), on a regular basis, or at least regular enough that the husband has a large enough sample to establish a pattern to her behavior at each of them. In fact, I suspect that the "bridal showers" and the "champagne brunches" are also trysts, but since they happen earlier in the day, the woman is more awake and therefore less likely to forget or lose items. Also, I don't know if this is true for everyone, but in my experience, sex is usually more passionate at night than during the day, and heightened passion increases the chance of lost or destroyed items.

    In fact, the excuses the woman uses on her husband are so lame, I can't help but think that she doesn't even CARE if he knows that she's cheating on him, and perhaps even WANTS to hurt him.

    The song is really quite brilliant, and I applaud its writers. I think it makes an point about the lengths to which a man will go to protect his heart from breaking. This woman is clearly sleeping around, probably with multiple partners, but the singer is so in love with her, and so scared of losing her, that he accepts every story, excuse, lie, and alibi that she offers, so he can remain blissfully ignorant. And the song itself mirrors this with the upbeat tempo and "fun" lyrics, while keeping the adultery out of the actual text of the lyrics. Yes, it's OBVIOUS what the song is really about, at least to anyone who thinks beyond the actual words. Just like it's obvious that the woman is cheating, at least to anyone who actually analyzes the reasonableness of the excuses for the missing items.

    And for the listeners who can't figure out the real meaning, it's still a "fun" song.
  • U
    UnregisteredJan 6, 2012 at 10:17 pm
    I love this song so much that i cant stop listening to it definetly keith urban. Lol. If someone says that your lame beat them up or tell an adult.

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