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[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]

Look, Look,
These n****s lied to me way back,
Said this was where my buck stop
Ridin’ right by in my fly s**t
These n****s still at that bus stop,
You’ll never see these jeans sag
You would think so with this tucked Glock
And any n***a tryna go bar for bar
Know I'm always with that club hop,
This Joe s**t you don’t know s**t
Them hoes you with is just average,
This four spittin’ this whole clip
And my allaby is my bad b***h,
So don’t be the first to get it,
My life is like a movie
And your b***h deserve the credit
I just stood there and directed
She just did what I expected,
Doin’ me but you’d do me to
I be me my n***a you be you
I guess then they can be groupies to,
Recognize a winner, live like a born sinicated,
Then it’s finna have a pool party in the winter finna,
Skinny dip b***h f**k them drawers,
Her brains are killer and I love em’ all,
Said my head got a price on it,
She come through and just suck it off,
So if you scared get a weapon
Every day a n***a live like he prepared for armagedon”

[Hook - Joe Budden]

“Now when they call me to them gates
And they ask me how I live
I say like I ain’t have a choice
Like my stomachs to my ribs,
N****s wanted me dead
I kept hammers in the crib,
And na I don’t regret
Fuckin’ thing I ever did so I...

Spend like it's my last day
Club like it's my last day
Ride like it's my last day
Fried like it's my last day
F**k like it's my last day
F**k boys wanna blast me
It might be your last day
It won’t be my last day

[Verse 2 - Juicy J]

Yes sir
Juicy J, Joe Budden
Lets get it

Models by my side
Shooters on my team
Choppers with the beam
Countin’ up some green
Blowin on the blue dream
My life is like a movie
And your b***h just made a scene
Me and yo b***h just made a scene (ho)
Wake up and I smoke some
After that I pour some
Yeah she bad with a fat a**
Beat it up like she stole some
F**k two times then I roll some
Can’t no n***a do like me
All my chains is icey
All my clothes is pricey
In Louis Vuittons no nikes
I'm Nino Brown you Ice T
Snitchin’ equals dead bodies
(Snitchin’ equals dead bodies)
N***a caught a death wish
Think he caught me slippin’
I don’t play that bull boy
I’m shootin’ like Scottie Pippen”


[Verse 3 - Lloyd Banks]

Uh, I’m dressed up with my sport keys
My rolley bands love short sleeves
Wanted man when I toss C’s
All my b*****s crossbreeds
These big faces talk G’s
I lace my H’s walk flee
I'm V6′ n and V12′ s
93 as my w***e speed
Lifes a b***h I figured I’de bone
Smoke this weed while I get a little dome
Black star when it's all said and done
Gotta put my name in the middle of the road
Open boxes appear date
Mine don’t come in pearl yet
Got a party out in uk
I’m a hit those hoes with my euro step
Insomniac gotta live my life
Wheres the pie, I gotta get my slice
A homi s**t, wheres the body bag
Kiss my Masserati a**
Two thick queens in the king suite
Gettin’ energized off thin sleep,
I let all my A. K. A’s hit
They thought I was ten deep,
Miss wait me get a hundred dollar tip
Pray to god heard my number and I hit
Trophy girl make em comin’ for the chip,
When you do good, all the summers go quick,
Trust nobody got the thunder on the hip,
Shawty in the crib don’t start no s**t,
Bad chick a** and her stomach don’t fit
Know your lane don’t come with no lip”


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