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Jimmy Nail – Once Upon A Time lyrics

Buy brown besoms buy them when they're new
Buy broom bessoms better never grew

Once upon a time we had a lead to follow
Well respected me used to show the way
Folks would follow on 'cause they believed the promise
Well respected men would never betray
Now look around it's hard to see integrity
You ask for direction and they don't know
Once upon a time the sun shine brightly
But once upon a time was a long time ago

Once upon a time we build a revolution
Big steel wheel roll around the world
Tin ships sailed and whaled and delivered
All the food necessary for the boys and girls
Then one day came a man with a mission
To take away everything they know
Once upon a time was a land for heroes
But once upon a time was a long time ago

Once upon a time things were so simple
You did a day's work you got a day's pay
It didn't come to much but it kept a wife and children
Burned in the lantern that light the way
Now all's left is the story of a memory
The real thing fades with a dying glow
Once upon a time was a land of plenty
But once upon a time was a long time ago

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