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Jim Photoglo – Will Of The Wind lyrics

I spent half my life
Looking for the reasons things must change.
And half my life trying to make them stay the same.
But love would fade like summer into fall;
All that I could see was a mystery,
It made no sense at all.

The will of the wind, you feel it and then,
It will pass you blowing steady.
It comes and it goes, and God only knows,
You must keep your sails on ready.
So when it begins, get all that you can;
You must befriend the will of the wind.

I spent so many hours
Thinking about the way things might have been.
And so many hours trying to bring the good times back again.
And so it goes for lonely heated fools;
They let their days slip away,
Until they give into...

[Repeat Chorus]

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  • u
    There is nothing constant in this world except change. Love can fade. The one who always loves and protects you might be the one who will hate and hurt you. The person who looks up on you might be the person who will look down on you in the future.
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  • u
    There are times that we don't want to let go the things and memories that come across our way. But we can do nothing about it. It will slip away just like the wind. Our life is a constant change and we always have to move on. Letting go is a sad thing. So we need to cherish every moment of our life, for just like wind, it will past us by.
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  • u
    There are so many times that we want things to remain and things to let go. But only God can remain it to your life and to let it go from your life, because life is just like a will that change direction. The good thing is, just follow and trust God of what he is like to happened to us. God knows the best to all of us and we didn't know if he will let the things remain or let go to us. Life change direction like the will of the wind sometimes it comes but sometimes it goes. Just befriend of God because only he that bring us to a life want for.
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  • b
    I really like this song because it is very meaningful. I like the tune and the melody. And the lyrics of couse. It is indeed tru that there is no such thing that is permanen except change and we have to cope with it. This song really touches my heart. It is only God's will who can tell what's gonna happen to our life so we have to trust Him and keep our faith in Him that He hopes good life for us.
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  • u
    This is really my favourite song, since high until now that I'm married it is really meant to me it's giving me a courage when I heard this song. Many problems comes into my life and I'm just letting it happened and accept the true life because I do believe our life just like a wind it comes and it goes and God only knows.
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