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Jesus Christ Superstar – Then We Are Decided lyrics

We've been sitting on the fence for far too long.

Why let him upset us?
Caiaphas, let him be.
All those imbeciles will see
He really doesn't matter.

Jesus is important.
We've let him go his way before
And while he starts a major war,
We theorize and chatter.

He's just another
Scripture-thumping hack
From Galilee!

The difference is they call him King!
The difference frightens me!
What about the Romans?
When they see King Jesus crowned
Do you think they'll stand around,
Cheering and applauding?
What about our people?
If they see we've lost our nerve
Don't you think that they deserve
Something more rewarding?

They've got what they want.
They think so, anyway.
If he's what they want;
Why take their toy away?
He's a craze!

Put yourself in my place!
I can hardly step aside!
I cannot let my hands be tied!
I am law and order!
What about our priesthood?
Don't you see that we could fall?
If we are to last at all,
We cannot be divided!

Then say so to the council.
But don't rely on subtlety.
Frighten them, or they won't see...

Then we are decided?

Then we are decided

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