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Jerry Wallace – The Song That Nobody Sings lyrics

The Song that Nobody Sings
Jerry Wallace

In the dr[C]y dusty desert a wild flower grows that pu[G7]ts all the others to sha[C]me,
Far away in the desert where nobody goes the flo[G7]wer that has no na[C]me.
In the whisky soaked mind of an old minstrel man there's a bal[G7]lad of peace and good w[C]ill,
A warm welcome song that the world wants to hear but the vo[G7]ice of the minstrel is st[C]ill.

So dr[C]ink to the wild flower nobody kn[G7]ows
And the sorrow that loneness brings
Dr[C]ink to the dreamers who lose there way
An[F]d the son[G7]g that nobody sin[C]gs

There's a bo[C]y from the land of the free and the brave who's afr[G7]aid to go home in the da[C]rk,
His world is a room where a needle and spoon leave the de[G7]vil's indelible ma[C]rk.
Take a look at the strangers you pass on the street and the fa[G7]ces you see in the b[C]ar,
Sometimes I wonder if God really knows ju[G7]st how lonely we ar[C]e. (Chorus)

Ta[C]ke a look at the women with nothing to say and the m[G7]an with nothing to gi[C]ve,
Watching their dreams slip away and die when they ha[G7]d every reason to li[C]ve.
In the dr[C]y dusty desert a wild flower grows like the won[G7]derful dreams of the yo[C]ung,
And all that remains of the old minstrel man is a so[G7]ng that will never be su[C]ng. (Chorus)

The[C]re's a lonely old soldier who lives in a home that the cou[G7]ntry provides for old m[C]en,
Staring at darkness and waiting in vain for the so[G7]und of a voice of a frie[C]nd.
If all of the children and poets and clowns and dre[G7]amers were banished from Ea[C]rth,
If only the wise and the wealthy survived what wo[G7]uld tomorrow be wo[C]rth. (Chorus)

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    For me this song tries to show us how important we all are to each other. It doesn't matter what our purpose in life or who we are, what's important is that we recognize the worth of each individual and honor their presence in this world. Diversity is what makes us appreciate life. It would be rather dull otherwise. I can see this song being a theme song for social workers, which I have been for over 37 years.
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