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Jeff Floyd – I Found Love (On A Lonely Highway) lyrics

I found love on a lonely highway (2x)

I was blind, and I could not see
Somebody was blowing her horn and looking at me
She said: Pull over, I wanna talk to you
It's seems you need a friend, and I wanna be with you
She said: Can we talk about it? It looks like you're hurting
I think I've been in your shoes, tell me what you wanna do

I said: Woman, you're crazy, you can't help me
I'm looking for a lover who won't ever hurt me
She said: Why do you think I pulled you over
I wanna give you my love

Oh yes I did

I said: Maybe this is my chance to find new romance
I shouldn't act so crazy, and giving up on love
She said: Come and go with me, I'll take you there
To a better place, you'll have a better time with me
Yeah, you'll have a better time with me


Oh yes I did, ooh yeah
Well, well
Sure enough
Sweet thing
Oh baby
And whohoho (2x)
Sweet thing
Sure enough

She said: Why you do you think I pulled you over
I wanna give you my love
She said: If you want it, come and get it
Come and get it (3x)
Come and get all of my love

So refrain (I don't think I understand)

You see I wasn't looking for love
I gave up a long long time ago
I didn't want it, I didn't need it (2x)
I didn't want it, need it, want it, need it
I did want love no more, no!

You see y'all, love and I... Love and I...
Love and I don't get along no more
But she said: Pull over, I wanna talk to you

Y'all know, sometimes
Your heart get[s] in the way of what your mind is trying to tell 'em
You see, my mind said: Don't do it
But my heart said: Go ahead on and see what she wants
Go ahead on, it's alright
She said: Pull over
So I pulled over y'all, like a fool
Like a fool y'all
Somewhere between Jacksonville and Daytona
I pulled over like a fool, yeah
But you see y'all, I told that girl, that I really loved
Not one time, not two times, not three, not four, not five, but time again
My my my my my my my, oh!

I pulled over y'all
Now when she stepped out of the car...
When she stepped out of the car, y'all
I threw my head down
I believe I said something like (...)
I wonder can I change...
I wonder can I turn back the sands of time
You see y'all, when she stepped out of the car...
When she stepped out of the car
She was looking so good, so good
I said: Lord have mercy on me
Y'all know the rest...
Y'all know the rest of the story now
She put her arms around me, y'all
And we've been together ever since
I guess I found love...

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