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Jean – Spanish Holiday lyrics

(feat. Epidemic)

She said she never seen paradise
I'll give her a tour, sure
What the sand is like a little more pure, you?re
Living a good life no street hustling
Put your purse down Money don?t mean nothing
And if it did then just call on me
Keys to the yacht, and crib is all on me
Your worries, disappear water crystal clear
There?s no need for no phone, there?s no signal here
So baby listen here and let your hair just flow
While the wind blows through Windows and just pose
I can tell what's on your mind baby girl I just know
Dame beso mami Crystal and lets go
Let them know JEAN

Let me take you places far away
where the sand becomes the ocean baby follow me
feel the breeze and drink the night away
mami every day?s a SPANISH HOLIDAY

1st verse:
you wanna know how I'm living
you wanna know what I'll give ya
ven conmigo and I'll show ya
gonna teach the salsa
while we sip on coladas
with are feet in the water
you and me
cause I come from la isla
where everyday is a fiesta
fiesta, fiesta
I can't wait to undress ya

I can picture us together by the moon
while I'm rubbing your legs
we don't even have to take it to the room
let the sand be the bed
and baby this ain't make believe
I live a fantasy and you can see it
if you just follow me then we'll be there
ohh girl
baby take my hand.........and

Let me take you places far away............

ohh.....I'm waiting for yes I?m not accepting no
the ocean is waiting for our private show
don't look behind just think ahead for what's in store
cause Monday and Tuesday is a Friday
and Wednesday and Thursday is a Saturday
and then on Sunday anotha day for us to sun bathe.... oh, oh, oh

I can picture us together by the moon
while I'm rubbing your legs
we don't even have to take it to the room
let the sand be the bed
and baby this ain't no vacate
I do this everyday by the bay
Ohh girl..
Baby take my hand

Yeah know let me introduce you
Thing's you ain't use too
The future is I and you, yes
I'm eyeing you while I caress
Hypnotizing you with every breath
While we sexing that's how I do
Every pleasure I apply I supply it too
Got you sweating from the climax
We climbing too
Got you loosing track of time
Whenever I'm with you
Cause ain't nobody on this island
As fine as you and that?s real

So baby if you dare
Mami don't be scared
Got some Patron if we?re alone
Let me take you there
And if you wanna play
We'll take it all the way
I bet you'll never forget

Let me take you places far away

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