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Jae Millz – No, No, No lyrics

[Background of Intro: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

Yo Scram you did your thing wit this one
Shit! We're sounding real ignorant man (we are! Huh!)
Mh! How it go, huh huh (no no no)
Jeah! It's one of what! One of what!
One of wah wah wah, it's one of who! One of who!
Hah hah... Yo yo

Now all my gangstas and my hustlers stacking bucks get up
My trainees in West Indies in the cut get up!
Lick off a shot if you're bumping wit Jae Millz
And if the bouncer be like 'chill', tell em (no no no)
Those dudes lame, we ain't the same as them
My crew move, all shots our style like bigs, Wayne and them
But if them boys catch me slipping, I ain't naming them
They ask for info, I'm like (no no no)
My homeboys got bad tempers, and there's no controlling them
So if you say you holding them, you better be unloading them
Cause I'll have your Reverend standing up at your podium
Your momma falling over him like (no no no)
Plus recently I been watching a lot of cats
Cause this game got me prepared for all types of acts
I know you cats wanna see me laid flat
That's why when you reach for daps I'm like (no no no)

[Background: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

Yeah! Ya know man? I'm just chilling though
I'm just chilling, I know y'all hate me man
I know y'all don't love me (rude bwoy!)
For my peoples, this for my peoples, mh! (no no no)

Yo in school I was a rude boy
Now I move around wit respect of rude bwoys
Murderers and crude boys; So be cool boy
Matter a fact, click clak, don't move boy! (no no no)
My mens clap shit that sound like bombs when they blast off
Pussy, you will have your thoughts on your dashboard
Be careful brother you might get just what you asked for
And I ain't talking rap dawg (no no no)
Mi pesos short, no time for rhyming wars
You talking bars, I'm talking more like Saddam and George
Stop all the hatred, cause once you see that thang
Only thing you gon say is (no no no)
You niggaz basic, I'm nothing to play wit
Aim at your grill, I'm not trying to graze it
So before you think about coming at me
Think about what the track say (no no no)

[Background: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

I'm having a lot of fun man
I see the haters though
I told ya y'all make me work harder man
This for my peoples, this is for my peoples, mh! (no no no)

Yo I got a Jamaican broad named Candi
That roll blunts of chocolate bigger than the Marley Family
She even sleep wit a desy, she like Shakira and "Belly"
So fucking wit her, that's a (no no no)
Fam, don't try that punk shit, cause you'll get jumped quick
Dumb clips will get dumped quick where ya lunch went
Screw where ya from prick and who ya run wit
Trust me it ain't worth it fam (no no no)
I'm not the one for caring bout what you wearin
Badi Boy, me play no games, I'll run up on you for starin
And when it's on and you want somebody to help you
Only thing they gon tell you is (no no no)
Even chicks will let you know, "no not him"
"Anybody else but his crew, no not them"
You better ask around 'fore you get batted down
Bitch the platinum pound will spin your Maybach around

[Background: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

Yo Scram this is a go
I mean I'm having a lot of fun man
This is so much fun to me (rude bwoy!)
It's Fado! E! Noch! Tone! Timb!
This for my peoples, this is for my peoples, mh! (no no no)

[Background of Outro: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

I'm having fun man
Scram we got em, this is so sick
So much fun, look at they faces!
It's one of what? It's one of who?

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