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Jack Off Jill – Nutopia lyrics

my gerenation

the city's all wrapped

I've seen the best minds
of my generation running on empty,
super glued to the T.V.,
dreaming of prosperity,
talking incessently...
saying nothing

sleepin on platforms in train stations
sippin on chemical cocktails
alive to the universe
and dead to the world

hallucinating delusions of mediocrity and candied
desperate in the pursuit of cool
hes in a suit
shes in a straightjacket

7-11 nightmares at 3am

and i think we might have ... for a while

ive seen the best minds of my generation
caught up in the virtual reality of living
memorizing pin numbers and secret codes
swaying robotically to nonexistant rhythmns flashing membership to clubs so exculsive that no one belongs

tight fisted
tight lipped
tight assed
half assed
ass licking coke sniffing money grubbing ego JABBIN'
ass licking coke sniffing money grubbing ego JABBIN'

sniffling and goveling
moaning and groaning

and i think we might have ... for a while

the city's all wrapped up in plastic
like an electronic cocoon
if you lay in the street you can hear it humming
filling up slowly from underground
if you close your eyes
you can observe the blue prints
the man-made DNA that spirals
breathlessly out of control
as synapse collapse
bridges snap
into a restless utopia

and i think we might have ... for a while

jesus said
lay down your arms
jesus said
children come home

my generation


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