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J-Diva Da'Princess – Jerk! lyrics


(Repeats "Jerk")

Verse 1:
Got the music pumpin
So I'm jerkin at the function,
I reject drop and get my criss-cross on
Elbows up knees bent I reject on,
I go so low
Leanin like a cholo,
I'ma grade "A" jerk
Puttin in footwork
And my kicks carry more colors than starburst,
While they goin back-and-forth like some boomerangs
But when I hit the dance flo I can't be tamed,
When movin to the beat
Wit my rainbow colored blazers and my skinny jeans
While hataz mug on mean,

(Repeats "Jerk")

Verse 2:
Shoe game crazy but my jerk so ku-koo
And you can call me Lauren London cuz I rock the "new-new",
Steppin on the scene
And got all eyes on me,
All eyes on my feet
Stomping backwards to the beat,
Jerkin to the left and jerkin to the right
I'm jerkin side-to-side and gone get it all night,
Teachin yall a lesson; watch closely sit tight
I'm not talkin construction but when I move I build hype,
People hatin on my moves
Cuz I'm glidin so smooth
And they can't do nor move how I do

(Repeats "Jerk")

Verse 3:
Hop up on the set
Jerk game on deck,
Everybody watch me footwork and instantly start shoutin
(Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Jerk)
They yellin "footwork, footwork, footwork and"
(Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Jerk)
I'm steppin so smooth
And everybody tryna watch me move,
(Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Jerk)
I hit em with the reject
Step after step
Cuz my skills on point like a laser and I'm the best,

(Repeats "Jerk")

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