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Insane Clown Posse

The Pendulum’s Promise lyrics

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Insane Clown Posse – The Pendulum’s Promise lyrics

What did I do? Tell me:tell me what did I do?
Tell me: NOTHIN'! I did nothin' wrong! Tell me. Nothin'!
Look at that guy over there he's so skinny
He'd prolly suck my dick for a penny
That's fuckin' nasty what kinda bitch does he get
The kind that smells like shit with a scabbed lip
Pushin' all that trash in his shopping cart
Musta smoked himself into a retard
No shoes thick-ass calloused-up toes
Frozen boogers all up under his whisky nose
The motherfuckers ass is prolly molded shut
Bet he's got tadpoles livin' on his butt
I fuckin' don't understand these people
No kinda class
Somebody needs to beat they ass
I want to tell him GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOCK!
I want to beat his face in with a rock!
He ain't good for shit, but bringin' our property down
Draggin' his funky ass around
He's starvin', sportin' a pair of troop sweats
Hands dried and cracked up like the Sahara
Wantin' everyone's affection
Wait a minute, that's me, I'm lookin' at my own reflection
Swing left, swing right, swing left, swing right,
Swing left, swing right, swing on, and on
Swing left, swing right, swing left, swing right,
Swing left, swing right, swing on, and on, and:

Where the fuck is this bitch, she makes me sick
I'm guessin' right now she's got a mouth full of dick
I know she fucks on me, who needs proof
She prolly kisses me with dick hairs on her tooth
I bet she fucks people in my own bed
He wears my slippers while she's givin'em head
Look what I do, I get away with it
What the fuck makes me think that she ain't never did it
Last time I beat her ass wasn't shit
Fat lips ain't nothin', this time I'm breakin' somethin'
She's gonna learn not to gimme any hassle
I'm the king, I make the money, I work at White Castle!
I'm the one who:failed in life
I'm the one who takes it out on my wife
She don't cheat, who am I tryin' to fool
I shoulda done this to myself long ago (BOOM!)
Swing left, swing right, swing left, swing right,
Swing left, swing right, swing on, and on
Swing left, swing right, swing left, swing right,
Swing left, swing right, swing on, and on, and:

This is the 3rd time you've come before me
You think you're the shit, you want to ignore me
I told you last time I'd put you away
I don't give a fuck what you say, obey me
I am the overseer, a special being
Raise when I walk in the room, me and God are a tag team
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, I could say it all day
I swear to God you say one motherfuckin' thing to me I'll put you away
I might not be God but I'm the next best thing
Honor your honor, hail me as a king
You die, he gets life, she pays, he's free
See your destiny is all up to me
"All Rise" You heard it, loud and clear
But today, I take a load off in that electric chair
I chose to play God, and judge you well
Now I'm the one that's been sentenced to hell
[Repeat chorus and last line till fade]

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