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Insane Clown Posse – Murder Rap lyrics

Legs diamond: Legs Diamond in the house, and we sendin' Clown Love out to Above the Law

Violent J: When I sit there and write the shit for the mic I hold, I make sure my beats are loud, and bold, and cold, Violent J is the name that I go by, waking up with blood on my hands and I don't know why. You mother ers tryin' to get in my path, don't be surprised when you get a shotgun up your ass. Instigators, I got one for that ass too, I'm gonna hang you from a street light, mangled and blue, ew! You on my shit like a fiend on coke, but if you say the wrong thing I'll put a slit in your throat, so, It's not the answer no, I'm not a dancer no, I'm not a hero, a zero, but I call myself a Juggalo, and this is not a Demo, icp, Above the Law, we let it go!

Chorus: Fantasizing, dramatizing, re-enacting, murder murder! Fantasizing, dramatizing, re-enacting, murder murder!

Shaggs 2 dope: I feel actions, speak louder than words, and verbs and adjectives they give the scrubs a chance to live. Not whose first, second, or third. It ain't he said, and she said, what ever you heard. When you live like that your life is mangled, in other words your neck is all tangled up, I ain't a hoe, I always go for mine, I was taught it's hard from the start, but you can always climb!


Violent J and shaggs 2 dope: Violent J, I break backs with my crew, if I'm jumping in the pit then I'm getting loose cause I'm taking out people, causing bodily harm, making moves to improve the Dark Carnival brainstorm/I'm not inferior, not taking no shit... Last kid that tried to check me got his ing neck slit/Powers my name, the clown be insane/and if we get to panicking/We all gonna rearrange!

The ring leader: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the " Triple Threat"! The Wraith, the Great Milenko, and the Ringmaster!

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