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They got uzis, they got shotguns, they got explosivesThey got access to any kind of weapon they want within 24 hoursWe got over 50,000 gangbangers out thereViolent j serving ghetto hard street shitYou know it’s potent when the funky-ass beat hitRolling the dice and we’s hittin’ pointIcp out of southwest detroitRunning with a gang of 20 street hoodsHookers on my back cuz I’m selling them cheap goodsLooking through the motherfucking alleywayThey can’t catch violent crazy-ass psychopath jBut I guess I wasn’t so crazy this timeNow I’m chillin in the back of car 49Yes, rhyme grippin that metalThey put a man on the moon, but can’t do shit for the ghettoI look at all that and it makes me sickI wanna grab them motherfuckers make em swallow a brickSo I grab anybody I can findBeat a fiend in the head with a goddamn stop signFlex one of us and I’m a find youBullet rips through your chest and hits the bitch behind youKilled two birds with one stoneYou’re laying in the street with a bullet in your domeAnd to those hillbillies listening down southTalk shit about the city with my nuts in your wife’s mouthAnd keep stringing on your banjoCuz we don’t like that shit we’re we come from, broNow the icp stands alone in the southwest ghetto zoneAh, for christ’s sakeAh, you don’t talk about that garbage hereThat’s for the hell-hole where you come fromThis is the good part of townWe let you deal with that type of bullshitYour problems don’t concern usGo home now, well go onSouthwest detroit is condemned one’s homeThe cops just don’t know what to doJump steady, rude boy, and the psrThey got my back, o.g., you won’t make it farI got my nine at my gut and it’s startin’ to hurtWhere can you keep a gat wearing skins and a t-shirt? Now I’m roaming like a true ghetto thugFiends on the sac cuz I’m booming that crackI know you heard aloud what j saidWhen I told you that I sold to that bitch, that baseheadKnow you can’t argue with the truthIf I hit you in your mouth, you’re gonna spit out a toothAnd I laugh at a motherfucking copSittin’ with his fat ass in a donut shopAt the party where the icp shows take faceBilly throws the handcuffs all over the placeWe’re here to protect and protect we doThen I ask who the fuck protects us from youCops are always beatin on someoneShot a mute in the back, he told him not to runAnd the motherfucking black panthers know itThat’s why some cops now are catching a bulletI’m runnin, I’m runnin, we’ll end the chaseWhen jump steady puts his gauge in your motherfuckin faceMind your own in the southwest ghetto zoneHey, yo, g, who the fuck do you think you are, man? You know who you’re fucking with the ic motherfuckin p, gWhy don’t you all step the fuck up before you get shot, boyKeep running your lips, see what happens motherfuckersYea, g, see what I’m saying, now what’s up with that shitCome to del ray and drive by in shitThe cops just don’t know what to doThese are my homeboys, vatoSee, are home right here is all we have, manI love them and they love me back, manWell I guess I’m a bad guyCuz I cuss a lot I say fuck a lotAnd I rap to tell you how I’m feelingWhen I’m in the old spot sit and we reelingThrough del ray, call it hell rayIt’s where icp stay, yo gAnd the forces that always talk shit get beatAnd if I’m out numbered I gotta gauge in the backseatCuz if I feel I am mack deadIn the trunk of my car I got weapons I’d a never hadA thousand motherfucker in the back make the car sawRodney’s fat ass make the whole damn muffler dragRappin to a sac-chasing heidiI told the bitch I ain’t never even seen a mazarattiEver sell out to a freak, fuck noThat why I’ll tell ya I’ll never end up in a box for a hoWhen the check comes I ignore itAnd the bitch is gonna ask me to fucking pay for itI give the ho an empty 12-packTake your ass to the store and bring some faygo backThat’s all I pay for bitch now get the fuck on hoStick around I got something you can suck on hoViolent j won’t be gankedBy no nappy-headed, bare-footed, crackheaded sewer skankYou gotta handle your ownIn the southwest ghetto zoneIcpAnd to all the sets running in southwest detroitGood luck and stay strongLatin countsYoung gunsCfpX-menTo the cobrasAnd dtIcpThey got uzis, they got shotgunsThey got explosives

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