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Initial Ge – Jordans Song lyrics

Initial Ge - Jordans song - Lyrics
A couldnt think of a better way to prove to ya a love ya so a made this for ya
[Verse 1]
A love you jordan now why can't ya see it a like ya so much can ya not feel the vibe now why can't you feel it if I ever go past you a get this feelin that a think you get to a feelin of me now feel ma vibes cus a can feel yours a say that out loud cus I have nothin to hide a went past you one day an the first thing we both did was hide are heads away we both looked down but a get this feelin from ya a feelin of cautiousness it felt disgarded a must confess but am only tellin ya the truth an you know it's true so do not deny it av seen you quickly lookin at me an a wont be defient when a walk past the science room with ma bro we both clashed eyes an a know that's true but a don't mind you or looking at me that's good for me deep down in ma heart there'l always be a place for you from me now jordan don't take this offensive or personally or the wrong way now please am just stating the truth remember that time time when we both chipped are tooth on the same night aswell now isn't that freaky or is it god trying to put us togther trying to tell us a message a know am from hell but am trying to tell you an important message fuck the stereotype business so what a know were different in how we dress a must confess but so what oh well don't let that stop anything
It don't matter how far away you are from me you are your still close deep down av always left a space for you when am near you just remember am still thinking of you always an ever the name makes me divver but am here to deliver the message a love you (kiss) x2
[Verse 2]
It's so hard to describe how a feel but this line is floorless ma love for you yes it's lawless but you just can't see it am saying it you an yes a made it but first you have to play it a think you fear it you jus wont have it or take it an I aint fakin so don't fake it am givin you something precious so please don't break it miss use or shake it cus if you do then it shake an affects me an takes me am just cleaning a few things up in ma mind ya see am writting thses lyrics for you jordan so note that a can't describe to you how much it hurts for me just when a see pictures of you ya see ma heart sinks something hits ma mind it destroys it it's like the blitz but a must stay focus it hurts so much deep down inside a just dream fo kissin those lips do you ever miss that big smile of mine just for you a wish we'd had a chance just me an you an a will probably get a load of shit of people for doing this but am doing it for you an a want you to know that a want you to be happy an a want you to show resepct like av shown you don't diss that a miss that look in your eyes your a beautiful girl that's what a used to say you've got beautiful eyes so big an wide smiley face beautiful face that ya can not hide this songs for you jordan this is your song don't get me wrong nowone elses song just your song this is jordans song this is jordans song
It don't matter how far away you are from me you are your still close deep down av always left a space for you when am near you just remember am still thinking of you always an ever the name makes me divver but am here to deliver the message a love you (kiss) x2
[Verse 3]
Am having these thoughts am sleeping next to jordan it's all fine but then a wake up an then a continue falling ma hands slippin away gradually away further a love her so much it's not fair how dare you let this happen to me a set ma mind on you a set ma heart on you as you broke it so quickly rapidly so fastly now let me see that may seem nothing to you but it means everything to me now don't be blind jordan let yourself see open you eyes am there lookin still lookin that's cus a care so much about you you remember when used to smile at you you may have fogotten but they have stucken with me those two hugs that you gave me remember oh god damn god help me please it hurts so much when you remind me the pain digs away an eats away within me but you ignore an carry on with life without me now jordan you must understand that a find it hard to express ma feeling so the only way a can do it it is through music so please listen a love you but a don't think you can see it or you find it hard to show it just like me two opposites attract remember when a said that I also find it hard to show it but a know deep down you can feel it everytime a go past you your breath a breathe it (big breath) just like you sometimes a feel like gettin a gun an cockin it puttin it in ma mouth screamin A LOVE YOU JORDAN! an then pullin it what have a created a aint no bullet FIND IT! it's still there in your heart jordan just reveal it show it don't blow it cus then it's gone if a cud just hold you a would never let go a would hold you tight keep you safe through cold nights (nights) prove it to me cus a know av proved it to you by doing this a hope you can understand to so do not dismiss it (dismiss it dismiss it)
(Initial ge sings the name jordan)
Jordan jordan... joorrd... dan jordan jordan jord... an
(Am on ma knees an am beggin for you to see it)
Jordan jordan jordan joorrd... dan a love you jordan a love you jorrd... an
(Yes a mean it yes a love you jordan... am on ma knees an am beggin for you to see it)

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