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Imajin – Baby DC's: Candy Girl F/Imajin lyrics

Candy Girl
You're all my world
You look so sweet
You're a special treat
Candy girl
All I want to say
I need your lovin'
Each & every day

(Baby DC-Verse 1)
She was the sweetest thing
I've ever seen
Had more sugar than parline
Matter of fact had more flava
Than Kool-Aid and Ovaltine
You know what I mean?
She got my back to the end
She gone always be my girl
And gone always be my grandstand
Girl lookin like caramel
Straight out the Snicker
Ever since the 5th grade I been out to get her
Stay sweet like the Willy Wonka factory
But if you're too much like sugar
I'll catch a cavity
It's like that now
So how you feel about that now?
Wanna go and get the pack now
She was as sweet as a candy cane
Up in my world
I guess that's why I call her candy
My candy girl


(Baby DC- Verse 2)
You know you're my whatchamicallit
Damn my Reeses pieces
A little spice
Ain't nothing nice
Can you keep a secret?
I'm a smart cat trying to make a little money
So I can crawl back and retire wit my bit a honey
I'll be the ice cream
But you can be the sprinkles on top
First class to Six Flags
Are you ready or not?
Me and the whole b-ball team
You the head cheerleader so bring the squad
If you know what I mean
Or we can take a private trip
You and me, me and you
Know what I mean?
Don't even flip
She was the sweetest thang
Up in my world
I guess that's why I call her candy
My candy girl


Do you really love me?
Do you really love me?
Do you really care?
Do you really care? (yeah)
Do you really need me?
Do you really need me?
You'll always be there, yeah

(Baby DC-Verse 3)
Since the day at the bus stop
You was lickin on a lollipop
Thinkin' of you
Girl I just can't stop
We can ride the bus
And share a pack of starburst baby
You smellin like cinnamon
And it's drivin' me crazy
Got four tv's and a soda machine
And a blockbuster car
With a limit to movies
We can ride if you wanna
Daddy says it's cool
We hit the pool after school
And fill up at the pool
Wit the whole crew
And you know it's true
And I'm waitin on the one day
When you can be my boo
She was as sweet as a candy cane
Up in my world
I guess that's why I call her candy
My candy girl
(Repeat until end)

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