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Ice Cube – Street Fighter lyrics

[Intro: Ice Cube]
Let's get ready to rumblllllle!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha hahhhhhh
Ah ha ha ha ha ha hahhhhhh
So you wanna fight me?
[scratched: "We are at war!" - Sister Souljah]
Heh, heh heh heh!! [scratching continues]
Hmm! Heh heh heh!! ("We are, we are...")
Step into my arena ("We are, we are...")
Yeah nigga! ("We are at war!")

[Ice Cube:]
Y'all punk-ass ninjas can't wait to see the Ice break
Bailin through the hood with my chocolate rice cakes
15 ninjas in a row
Jumpin out the bushes with they tae kwon do, yo
I jumps in my stance fo' protection
Kickin off my coat like "The Chinese Connection"
Wah-Chop~! Watch 'em all drop, you can't stop a
Heater teach ya get the grasshopper
I'm the illest nigga that you ever seen
Master of the flying guillotine
On with my journey, cops say I need an attorney
Fo' my celly, hit they ass with my Jim Kelly
At the Japanese deli fo' my troop
And we all take malt liquor, in our wonton soup
Oops as I smell my fork
It smells like sweet'n'sour pork
They rush me from the left.. And they rush me from the right
Here come the chef with the Ginsu knife
He wanna take my life, I put that on my momma
Insert my ass at Benihana's now
Which style will I use this week? Ahhh
The "Quicker Blood" technique
Here they come, one by one they get done
By the chosen one, nigga "Rising Sun"
It's 11 to 1, yet no one left
Servin these fools in my game of death
It seems like we fight everytime we meet
I bow when I greet, let's take it to the street

[Chorus: Ice Cube]
Let's get ready to rumblllllle!
[scratched: "Let's get it on" - Chuck D]
Let's get ready to rumblllllle! Street Fighter
("Let's get it on")
Let's get ready to rumblllllle!
("Let's get it on")
Let's get ready to rumblllllle! Street Fighter
("Let's get it on")

[Ice Cube:]
God damn there's a blind old man on my corner
And he could try to get with me, if he wanna
Cause they come from miles around to try to stop me
I just keep bailin with my 40 ounce of sake
I got my eyes on ass real steady
I'm ready

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