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Huey – Luv N Ya Life lyrics

Hey baby waitin on you to come my way baby
Ain't afraid to say me
Say baby ya lookin tight
Ya need to come tonight cause I need some love in my life
Love in my life

Hey baby waiteing on you to come my way baby
Ain't afraid to say me
Say baby ya lookin tight
Ya need to come tonight cause I need some love in my life

Mommy I could be the thug in your love
Play my part with the fifty fifty love in our life
By the way I'm Huey I know how to treat a women
Never raised my hand don't know how to beat a women
Tell ya what
Lets go out up on a date
I'm knowen this perfect place
Put a smile on your face
Won't touch until your comfortable
Even though I'm want'n you
By the looks of things girl it seems you want me to
Take you on a ride
And the five fifty A. M. G a
I head outta town
First class
Yea I'm makin money an no tha money aint makin me
Know that I wouldn't hurt you
I want you to feel safe with me
Baby girl ya beautiful, your like a model
Not the skin you in ya curve like a bottle
Lil mama now listen
I know you sayin you want a thug in your life
But ya say you gotta be able to put...

[Chorus:] [x2]

I don't care about ya thuging
All I need is your lovin
You can t-pain if you want to
I don't have to ask that question
I know your a blessing baby
Come on lil daddy whatcha gone do
Say let me iron your pants
For ya
Late night do a little dance for ya
How you appreciate the finer things
And now you appreciate your tryin

[Chorus:] [x2]

Now when we hit this thang
You automatically look good
Off of my apperiance I automatically look good
Make my way to ya door
Open It they like a gentlemen
Take you by the arm
A kodak flashes While entering
Take you to the bar
Buy ya your favorite drink or two
And all aint gettin it
So I can try to sleep with you
What person in their right mind wouldn't wanna be wit you
You da type I take home and show to my peoples boo
I aint gonna lie
I hate women who sensitive
For real
Be lettin the littlest things get to them
Lil mamma listen
I'm able to be the thug in your life
Most of all I gotta be able to put...

[Chorus:] [x2]

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