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Howard Lawrence – Punishing Hard Drive lyrics

The news is out
They say it's not good
Your hand was in the cookie jar stealin from the hood
Why are you still running?
When do you think you'll show?
That look on your face says they're never gonna know

Now you're in danger of losing an empire
That took so long to build
You're holding onto dead weight
That shit'll bring you down
Don't take us for granted man
We're standing our ground

Life don't mean a thing
With your gut busted open or your head in a sling
You eat what you kill—, sometimes it comes up
It trips the alarm but not before you've had enough

Under false pretenses
I signed the dotted line
Sniping was my big mistake
It taught me I was blind
You were so committed then
We brought them to their knees
But the aftermath cost everything we'd built overseas

Somewhere there's a prisoner donning his disguise
The master of the castle looks down
He watches as the prisoner tiptoes towards the gate
The guards can't stop him, —it's already too late

Words don't mean a thing
When twisted up like pretzels or chewed up like chicken wings
Sew a pig's ear all covered in mud
Even a cow can't make fresh milk from cud

Hey wait a minute people
Whaddya think I'm made of stone?
Sure I tripped myself up a little here and there
But I was only spreading God's word——was I alone?
You're calling me a Jesus freakin guy
Well look what I put up with?
The mystery is why

When history's rewritten
And the bums are long gone
They'll bargain for a bigger block of someone else's lawn
We'll celebrate the empty rhetoric purged of all detail
And leverage our future on a fool's coattails

It's easy to be enthralled by a rags-to-riches story
From the backstreets to Wonderland sells
And each time we're suckered in we take a nosedive
Over the icy cliff…
This we call a punishing hard drive

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