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Howard Lawrence – Digital Scream Attack lyrics

Never was groomed to ride like a cowboy
Much more at home in a cyberspace lab
For fifteen minutes of fame and fortune
I'd blow my cover
What choice would I have?

But look at me now I'm a real disaster
Catch me on Twitter——the clues are there
Nothing we build is sacred here
The more we suffer the less they care

Plant the seed and then withdraw
Let it learn —then exploit the flaws
And when the kids log on on the weekend
They'll be part of this cause
Better warn your people …better watch your back
My shadow just coughed up this digital scream attack

Year after year this addiction grows
One day I'll be on my knees
Crawling through holes is my new purpose
Crack the code the firewall bleeds

Scan your drives…, your fragmented folders
Encrypt your sensitive information
I'll just double down and recruit more soldiers
Protégés from the next generation

The black seed wants to grow from within
Cat…... Mouse…... Who's gonna win?
And when the laptops grind to a halt
You'll never find what the cat brought in
Pull the servers offline so we don't get tracked
My shadow just coughed up this digital scream attack

Pop my pills in the shower
A green one every hour

Download that streaming video
Pass around your audio clips
Spread my germ to your home network
Kiss the girl with tainted lips

My iPhone buzzed 7: 30 this morning
They shot me a message I couldn't ignore
This might sound like deranged paranoia
But no one could explain what the app was for

You're locked out now—it won't let you in
The cat can only watch as the mouse plays gin
And when the kids log on on the weekend
You'll never know where they've been
Didn't warn your people, …now they're not coming back
My shadow just coughed up this digital scream attack

Mistakes were buried in the yard
You rode me way too hard
All the way down

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