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Horse – A Million Exploding Suns lyrics

I've forgotten who I am I'm
Sick and weak and fresh from sleep
I crawl from a crooked bed
With dirty feet and shaky hands
The numbers on the clock read
One-one-four-oh ay em
I've got time to clean myself
Then sell my soul again
When I sleep I dream
I dream I am awake
Or was it when awake
I dream I am asleep
I work I shit I eat I sleep
I'm inspected by the number seven
This can't be my life
No this isn't me

I don't know what's beset this change
I barely recognize my own face
In my mind somethings just not right
But in my heart I'm bathed in golden liiiight
Bathed in golden light!
Bathed in a golden light

My eyelids still heavy my pulse still faint
I'm puzzle pieces- my memorys stained
I feel strength swell a day dream
I'm shaking under this duality
My pulse is still faint
I hear a strange voice but know what it's saying

And in this moment
Seconds stop and I burst with clarity
A weath lf love and hate-- gone blank
For I finally remember my fucking name!

I eat rocks
And I breathe wind
I've been around the world
And back again
I've lost the static
And the grey is gone
I've got the power of
A million exploding suns!!

I am consumed by my might
Blinded in light as I would be in night
This void is holding me tight
It doesn't feel right

When will I ever break free
Within or without I'm chained by the dream
The void is holding me tight
It doesn't feel right

When will I ever break free
Within or without I'm chained by the dream
The void and the light are both me
It doesn't feel right

Now bright lights flood my eyes
Its true I realize
The perilous truth of a perilous life
By my own device
The strength of my high is the strength of my low
Unless there's no me
They both
They both explode

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