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Horrible Histories – Georgian Navy lyrics

Were the Georgian navy we've never been beat thanks to Admiral Nelson
of the fleet the only things I've lost is this eye and this arm
Guess playing
with these balls can really do you harm (ow) his the gaffe
His the boss knows every navel trick the surprising thing about him that
Sailing makes him sick

Georgian navy Georgian navy this is going to be your waterloo Nelson's navy
Nelson's navy were gonna sink one more then you

England expects every man to do his duty right you just arrived from
England you tried to start a fight I from Scotland Ireland Wales I'm a
Transfer from the flitz we've even got West Indians sitting on the bench
Some of them were forced to sign some chose to join my crew we like to win
By us they say we fight for you

England (sort of) England (well it's not) were gonna sink one more then you
Rule Britannia rule Britannia

When it comes to my attack the gunners are my team we got the strongest
Arsenal the world has ever seen thanks to us teams practice we are perfect
With the ball it means the French and Spanish ships don't stand a chance at
All we can get nasty injuries sometimes it's best to die if your hit by the
Enemy you're lucky to survive (magic sponge magic saw)

You're gotta wait to fight only do it when it's right gotta break their line
They're be swimming in the brine pick your time to shoot then they're ships
Were going to loot going to be a hoot for scurfy have some fruit after an
Orange anyone

Georgian navy Georgian navy won at Trafalgar but got shot (ow) Nelson's
Navy Nelson's navy you think it's all over (kiss me hardy) it is now

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