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Hopsin – Tears To Snow lyrics

[Verse 1: Hopsin]
Man, f**k!
Me and my girl keep arguin'
Somehow my life just got hard again
She's scared of groupies that steady bargin' in
I can't explain the pain my heart is in
Yeah I got money, but reality isn't sunny, it's dark and grim
See when I'm tour I don't take her
So she can feel what anger, thinkin' that another woman is gon' replace her
She standing in tears of emotion knee deep
I keep tryna tell her "Why? I ain't fuckin' no groupie
She don't believe me
My career is so deceiving
She's dating a rapper, nobody said it was gon' be easy
She threaten' to leave me cause of these text messages girls sent
Now I'm just caught in this whirlwind
Tryna explain they just friends who can't control themselves
They see the fame, think I'm cute, and they get overwhelmed
She should fuckin' know the deal
I'm done dealing with this bull shit
Bitch, I'm outta here, you can go to hell!

There's no room to dive at the end of the road
When you're living in the cold not wearing a coat
The breeze turns tears to snow

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