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Honey Cocaine
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Honey Cocaine

Money Murderer lyrics

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Honey Cocaine – Money Murderer lyrics

Back in my zone, and I’m killin’ the raps
Leave me alone, little s***, ‘less you talkin’ ’bout facts
Got some gold in the stash, I ain’t shortbread and you wack
Step away don’t get clapped, your team is nothin’ but trash
Bitch I shit on you – and I don’t even try
Fuck he goin’? Pride, nigga, I ain’t never lied
Probably once or twice, ’cause my brother got locked
I ain’t finna say shit, ‘specially not to the cops
You twisted little bitch, keep it loyal and rich
Hella gold on my neck, feelin’ royal as shit
Been workin’ like a slave, so I spoil my wrist
Fuck is up with you kids? Tryna know all my biz

Better watch your mouth, dumb whore
Makin’ my money and stayin’ lower
Better watch your mouth, dumb whore
Makin’ my money and stayin’ lower
All the time I hustle cause that’s what I do
Hold it down for mine and the goons in my crew
I ain’t no murderer… but I’mma do what the fuck I gotta do
Nigga, I ain’t no murderer… but I’ma do what the fuck I gotta do

[Verse 2:]
Give me a break from all the drama and shit
Always gettin’ paid, bitch, gossip ’bout this
Used to try to find a way, just to make me these cents
Since the grind’s paying off, bitches hate me since
Bitch, I’m the generation’s hip hop voice
Love me or be jealous, homie, it’s your choice
But see me when you see me, homie, fuck that noise
Ever since I made it big, all the homies employed
Don’t start with me bitch, you’re loosing yourself
I got plans, you don’t even got a clue ’bout yourself
It’s all good, young thug, I’m just showin’ you ropes
Check your beliefs, little bitch, don’t choke


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