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Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni – Dear You - Cry lyrics

Sukoshi-zutsu chikazuku natsu no nioi o
Anata no tonari de kanjite itai

Nanigenai mainichi no ichibyou ichibyou ga
Houseki yori mo kachi ga aru takaramono
Itsu made mo kono toki ga
Yasashii hizashi ni tsutsumarete mamorarete imasu you ni

Sonna atarimae no hibi ga
Yami ni tozasareta to shite mo
Watashi wa anata o shinjite iru
Tatoe sore ga yurusarenakute mo

Kira kira kagayaite ite
Zutto koko de hohoende

Nakanaide douka watashi no kotoba o kiite
Kowagaranaide nani mo shinai kara
Anata no tame ni issho ni naite ageru
Onegai sonna ni obienaide

Natsu no nakigoe ga urusasugite watashi no koe ga kikoete nai no
Sukoshi dake de ii no nakiyande
Yurusu kara nakiyande...

Higurashi no koe ga iu mou teokure da to
Sore de mo anata ni te o sashinoberu
Douka watashi no koto shinjite kudasai
"Mou nakanaide ii yo" to oshietai

Next to you, I want to feel
The scent of summer that draws closer bit by bit

The single seconds from the casual every days
Are treasures that worth more than gems
So that these moments will forever
Be surrounded and protected by the tender sunshine

Even if such ordinary days
Are shut by darkness
I believe you
Even if that won't be forgiven

Sparkle and shine
Smile here all the time

Don't cry, please listen to my words
Don't be afraid, because I won't do anything
I'll cry together with you for your sake
So please, don't be so daunted

The cry of summer is too noisy; you can't hear my voice
I'd like you to stop crying for a little while
Because I'll forgive you, stop crying...

The voices of the cicadas say that it's already too late
Nevertheless, I'll hold my hands out to you
Please believe in me
I want to tell you, "You shouldn't cry anymore"

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