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Love & Joy lyrics

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Heartsdales – Love & Joy lyrics

1*Come on baby I'll, be there Itsunohika
only just for you Osaekirenai
baby can't, you see kore? hodo no love Kiss
me once againï¢ @amaku amaku, 2

*(RAP) Come
my baby come, come my baby Rock
the boat and, rock rock the boat and Down
my baby down, down my baby Feel
the love & joy and the power Ei

yo Gimme, the MAIKU kon'ya wa ii choushiï¢ ô Sonna
yokan suru kara hi ni youjin Kore!
ga otona you oshare na NEW SAUNDO Hip
to the hop to the hippity hop hop SUPI-KA-
box kara deru kono beats ni awasete Kokoro
hazumu SUTEPPU funde whachu hear is not a test dakara Old
kara new comin' back with a twist Yo
Pass, the MAIKU madamada kore kara Moriageteku
matsuri no hajimari dakara Yeah!
and you don't stop hikarikagayaku and we don't stop Uh
1 2,3(ichi,nichi, san), demo 1
2,3(WAN,TU-, SURI-), demo 1
2,3(I-,A-RU, SAN), demo 1
2,3(AN,DU-, TOROWA) demo Love
is life and life is livin' uh so very special NY
to Tokyo sekaijuu doko demo we rock the crowd hitobanjuu Here
come the brand-new flava in ya ear Heartsdales!
be kickin' new flava in ya ear That's!
right here, we go 1!

*2, *repeat Yo

yo PA-TI- PI-PO- choushi dou Pu?
pump up the volume agete'kou B-Boy!
meets girl tte deai mo Kon'ya
wa moshikashite kitai kamoï¢ ô Ikken
ikatsui HA-DO me na TAIPU demo Otonashisou
na shy na boy demo Whatta
man whatta man whatta man Whatta
mighty good man Yes
he is Nante!
utacchauï¢ ô Soshite
sasocchau konna! kanji I'm
really into you (yeah) so whachu gonna do Whachu?
gonna do Cause? tonight we don't stop Yeah
yeah All
the ladies they don't stop Yeah
yeah All
the boys they don't stop Yeah
yeah Heartsdales
we don't stop Yeah!
yeah Come!
on 3!

*Come on baby smile, @ me Listen
to my heartbeat Take
me to your dreamsï¢ @kimi ni todoku no nara Close
your eyes toki wo tomete Baby
hold, me tight tsuyoku tsuyoku, 2

*repeat HIT

ME Push!
the button baby flip, the disc Side-2!
"DIRRRTY" cold rockin' the party Swi
switch the gear going down and nasty Hot
mama in effect shakin' bouncy bouncy BOM
BOM BOM de BOM BOM Shakin'
that thing like BOM de BOM BOM BOM
BOM BOM de BOM BOM Shakin'
that thing like BOM de BOM BOM Uh
uh push it yeah! Uh!
uh push it real good Uh
uh push it yeah! Uh!
uh push it real good 1

*3, *2, *repeat

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