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Glenn Frey – Call On Me lyrics

If you need someone to talk to
And you're feelin' all alone,
And there's no one else to turn to,
Just pick up your telephone
If your love affair's sinkin'
Like a ship that's goin' down
And you find yourself on a dead-end street
In a lonely part of town

Everyone you counted on let you down,
Baby, you can call on me
I been waitin' for you in the lost and found
Baby, you can call on me

I got an angel on my shoulder
I got the devil by my side
I gotta have someone to talk to
'Cause it's a long and lonely ride
I've seen it all before and I'll see it all again
I see where it starts out and I see where it all ends
The gutters in the streets and the mansion on the hill
Nothin' ever changes, nothin' ever will

If your old man don't treat you right
Baby, you can call on me
If you find yourself in trouble, up all night
Baby, you can call on me
If you know someone sneakin' around
Baby, you can call on me
If you don't like what's comin' down
Baby, you can call on me

I'll put it all out on the table,
You've got to tell me how you feel
But you better be ready to face the truth
If you want to make this deal
I'll find a needle in a haystack, a lover or a friend
I got everything's goin' on, but I will not pretend
I tell it like it is, you know I take it as it lies
I'll tell you where you find it, I make no alibis

If you don't like what's goin' down,
Baby, you should call on me
I been waitin' for you in the lost and found
Baby, you can call on me, call on me

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