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Ghost Mice – Austin To El Paso lyrics

It's a ten-hour drive to our next show
Across the western wasteland
With no gigs in between
And the gas gauge says we are empty
But that's okay
'Cause we don't burn gasoline
We burn our dreams
We burn our hopes
This van should have died a hundred-thousand miles ago
But it keeps going
We've got our good-luck charms on the dashboard

I've been driving all day
I've been driving all night
I think I can drive for the rest of my whole life

And when I feel like I'm about to fall asleep
I just stare at the taillights of the truck in front of me
And I pretend that they are eyes
And the bumper is a mouth
Filled with red and white teeth
And it guides me safely to the sunrise again

But if by chance I fall asleep at the wheel tonight
And crash and die
Construct a roadside monument
To commemorate my life
And honk your horn every time that you drive by

And I will be so grateful
I will be so grateful
Just to know that you still care
And I will be so thankful
Yes, I will be so thankful
Know that somebody's still there

This road is a long and ugly road but
This road kind of feels like my home
I'm always aching
To find out just exactly where it goes

Icarus made some wings and tried to fly up to the sun
Even though everybody told him that it could not be done
So he died, but at least he tried
And I bet that he had fun

And you may say there's not a lot to see on this drive
And I guess you would be right
But you're never gonna see the stars shine this bright

And I don't know what it is we hope we'll find
But I plan on lookin' for it all of my life
Because I feel like something must be missing
Something's missing

Can't you feel that empty feeling inside
Doesn't it make you wanna get in your car
Or run your bike and ride
Just to see what you might find out there

So I wear my tires thin
I'll destroy the soles on my shoes
I'll walk into the wind
And I'll send postcards back to you
I'll miss my dearest friends
And I'll miss this city too
But I'll feel bound, obligated
To do what I have to do

'Cause the sun never really sets
No the sun never goes down
We're just spinning
Around and around and around and around and around

No the sun never really sets
No the sun never goes down
We're just spinning
Around and around and around and around and around
And around and around

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