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Ghetts – Don't Phone Me lyrics

Feat. Griminal

Don't phone me just cuz you got my number (x4)

Verse 1 (Ghetts)
Don't act like you don't see me around,
You see me everyday in the ends.
A box of mixtapes in the boot of the car,
I might be going up North for the week.
If I come back on a bassline ting,
That don't mean that I think grime's dead.
Never that fam, I'll keep it alive,
Everyone knows what I represent.
I be the guy they can't catch,
I be like gimme the mic you can't rap.
Your killin' the vibey last track,
Must have been written in five or half that.
I'm bringin' the hype your bars lack,
You'll be sittin' inside the car mad.
Until you're sick of the sight of tarmac,
I am livin' the life I can't act.

Chorus (x4)
Don't phone me just cuz you got my number,
Don't ask what I'm on, don't ask what I'm under.
Don't phone me just cuz you got my number,
Don't ask what I'm on, don't ask what I'm under.
Don't phone me just cuz you got my number,
Don't ask what I'm on, don't ask what I'm under.
Don't phone me just cuz you got my number,
Got my number, got my number.

Verse 2 (Ghetts)
Don't act like you don't know what I do,
You hear my name on the regs don't lie.
Wanna find out more? Then come to the show.
But only your wife can get backstage.
I bet she leaves with me not you,
But don't phone me on a hype when she does,
I aint gonna say go home to your man,
If you was me you'd do the same thing.
I be the guy that girls love,
I be like gimme your wife your girls buff.
I'm sick of her shite, your girl's nuts,
I'm always picking the type that smell love,
Ringing my line at twelve plus,
Like G won't gimme no time he's well fucked.
Can't have a minute of mine, what girl does.
I don't live on the grind to help us.

Chorus (x4)

Verse 3 (Griminal)
Don't act like you don't know who it is,
Griminal N-A-S-T the Y.
When man a come thru we do it big,
Gyal are like Griminals s***, alie?
It's not just any gyal I do it with,
I be the best teen alive.
And it's not me it's you who is pissed,
Cuz some man think they've left me behind.
Go into Devilish mode, Devilish mode, levilin'? No, ohh
No you can't better this flow,
Try come against and I'm telling them no, no.
Then I'm sending them home.
If it aint bout dough I'm not getting involved.
Private it, I divert it,
Fam it's a par stop belling this phone.

Chorus (x4)

If I miss your call when you holla at me,
I'll call back until then don't holla at me.
If I don't holla at you, don't holla at me,
Nuff girls are like Ghetts don't holla at me. (x4)

Chorus (x4)

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