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Garth Brooks – The Beaches Of Cheyenne lyrics

They packed up all his buckles
And shipped his saddle to his dad
By the way the house looked
She must have took it bad
The workers come on Monday
To fix the door and patch the wall
They say she just went crazy
The night she got the call
He was up in Wyoming
And drew a bull no man could ride
He promised her he'd turn out
Well it turned out that he lied
And all the dreams that they'd been livin'
In the California sand
Dyin' right there beside him in Cheyenne
They she just went crazy
Screamin' out his name
She ran out into the ocean
And to this day they claim
That if you go down by the water
You'll see her footprints in the sand
'Cause every night she walks the beaches of Cheyenne
They never found her body
Just her diary by the bed
It told about the fight they had
And the words that she had said
When he told her he was ridin'
She said then I don't give a damn
If you never come back from Cheyenne
Nobody can explain it
Some say she's still alive
They even claim they've seen her
On the shoreline late at night
'Cause if you go down by the water
You'll see her footprints in the sand
'Cause every night she walks the beaches of Cheyenne
'Cause every night she walks the beaches of Cheyenne

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    Well it all comes down to he didn't keep his promise which I guess he had promised her of a life in California so I guess she is in California but her mind and heart is in Cheyenne. That might sound dumb but it's a song than can be taken many different ways and has maybe more than one meaning, I guess it's up to the listener, Just leave it up to your own imagination, it's a good song and beriddled we all know there are no beaches in Cheyenne so while she is in California walking the beach her mind is in Cheyenne.
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