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Gangsta Boo – They Don't Love Me lyrics

[Chorus 4x]
They don't love me
I don't love them
Well they say fuck me
Nigga I say fuck them

[Gangsta Boo]
See the main reason why I step my foot up in this shit
Crazy lady as a baby had the dreams to making it rich
As I get it, niggas get it, roadies get it what the fuck it on
Bhz my home
Never leaver it step to me you gone
Coughing, puffing, cheifing for my niggas locked in 201
Bumping, crunking, funking on my tongue has got me num'e num
If you want to hate on lady look
Into the fucking book
Book of muthafuckers just like you
With out shit to do
Bitch I'm gonna keep it how I keep it underdigging me
It ain't what you think I will catch you in the fucking streets
If I gonna to fuck I'm gonna fuck that's if you talking pay
Prada oh my goda on my shopping list a tenzu day
A celebrity ghetto from the dirty south
S*** brown skin with the wetness no doubt
I'ma get my money hoe
Fuck that shit you saying hoe
Fuck that shit you saying hoe
I'ma get my money hoe

[Chorus 4x]
They don't love me
I don't love them
Well they say fuck me
Nigga I say fuck them

[Gangsta Boo]
You can catch me at a game I'm watching Kobe miss his fucking shot
2-way jumping nigga block to block like I be slanging rocks
Pimpin woman mixed with villian memphis queen of set it off
Call it how you see it and I only fuck top nizotch
Niggas, money, bitches what's the bizness it does not matter to me
I devote the bizness put the fire to the gasoline
You hoes see the lugar hanging drive by on your fucking street
You hoes be the bodies droping since you trying to play with me
If you hear I'm chillin then it's heavy understand me dog
Never plan to fall got my back agaisnt the fucking wall
Watch out for you fake ass in my fucking way
I can stare a faker in the face and play the same fake game
Nigga I'ma pro and I don't take no shit and that's fa sho
Anything the lady cannot do I let you niggas know
Slient night a deadly night so fuck it I'ma grab my glock
Walk up to your house knock up on your door and blowed your ass off

[Chorus 4x]
They don't love me
I don't love them
Well they say fuck me
Nigga I say fuck them

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