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Frozen – More Than Just The Spare lyrics

Anna: Spare...? Am I really just the spare?
I'm not part of the town, not born to be queen
Just somebody hopelessly inbetween

She's the scholar, athlete, poet
I'm the screw up, don't I know it

But then who could ever compare?
Of course they're gonna think I'm just the spare
Well I won't care

So I'm the extra button on a coat
In case another one comes loose
But if I have to be a button
Why can't I be a button that's of use? (oops!)

I may lack style and I may lack grace
And once in a while I might fall on my face
But this little button deserves a place in the sky

This button wants to fly

Wait, buttons can't fly, it doesn't make any sense!

So I'm a rusty horseshoe hanging up
Over somebody's old barn door
And I'll be hanging there forever
Just wishing the horse had one leg more

And maybe I can't be the perfect one
And maybe I err on the side of fun

But horseshoes need a chance to run somewhere
This horseshoe is more than just a spare

Someday I'll find my thing
A thing that's on my own
That thing that makes me part of something
Not just all alone
If only all this feeling I have in my heart
Could mean something to someone, how I'd love to play that

So I'm just the second born sister
Who most of the town ignores
Like a button, like a horseshoe

Like a girl who's bad at metaphors

Maybe I don't have a magic touch
And maybe I don't have a talent as such
Just this heart with much too much to share
So I'll never be the heir, but I'm more than just a spare

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    I really love Anna, and I hate it when people say Elsa is better than her just because she's prettier or she has magic are pretty or dress or shoes quote on quote misunderstood, I understand Elsa has gone through a bit, but this song proves exactly that Anna has gone through way more when I first found out about the song I thought they should have included it because proves that Anna is a really strong character maybe even stronger than Elsa, I feel including this song would have gotten honest point across and have gotten her more fans that like her better than Elsa as the majority likes Elsa better cuz she's quote on quote prettier blonde and has magic, I mostly think other people like her just because she sings song let it go.

    This song is Anna's way of getting the point across of how people ignore her and even if they don't ignore her they don't give her much respect or honor or love as Elsa and how she doesn't want to be the second choice and how she's trying to be strong about that.
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