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Frightmare – Bringing Back The Bloodshed lyrics

Death, murder in your head,
Technicolor gore spewing images of horror in your head now watch.
The screen turns red, cinematically dead,
Tools of the trade, tearing into teenager flesh is exposed,
Voluptuous treat, ocular feast for the sleaze ball freak.
Outside the realms of normality we dwell,
Celluloid hell is now!

What happened to the films of yesterday,
The 70's and 80's were the golden age,
Horror films now are a fucking joke!
They make me choke!

Gone is the blood, gone are the tits.
Gone is everything that we fucking miss.
MTV shit is shoved down our goddamn throats!
The film makers of today give us no fucking hope!

Remakes are the fad, desecrating horror classics
CG? What a drag! Save that shit for Pixar flicks!

Dawn of the Dead and TCM, are not immune to this lame ass trend,
What's next The Exorcist? It's safe to say, this is the end!

These dumb ass kids, love this shit
They have no idea who Cropsy is
Wes Craven you bastard! Look what you've done!
Last House on the Left to Scream! There's no excuse, you should be hung!

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

PG-13 horror is packing the seats
This generation sucks! These kids are fucking weak!

The hip hop influence, infecting the culture,
Busta Rhymes and Michael Myers! This shit is fucking torture!

Direct to video shit is almost as bad
Crappy Photoshop covers, make me fucking sad!

Lack of ideas, regression through technology
Will Peter Jackson save us? No we get that lame ass trilogy!

The blood, is boiling in my veins,
It's driving me insane, the sickening feeling in my guts,
Spill onto the floor, my eyes want more,
Food for thought, I'd love to watch them rot from within,
The terror begins, irrational though is a means to en end,
Of this lame bullshit, I will not quit,
Until I, bring back the bloodshed!

I resort, to making my own "films"
Fantasy, becomes reality
They don't want, to give me what I need
The only way to get, what I want is, to kill!

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

I'll show, them what horror is,
They don't know, what urges lie within
They will pay, for all that they've destroyed
It's coming back, what used to be, is, now!

[Leads: Maniac Neil]

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