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Freeway – F&F lyrics

Believe it or not is Franky and Freezer

Gotta show off freak, mind if I go off
Bout to be on and this rapper’s sound is so off
Spitting with no balls, no palls, they get no bros
I got that shit that will make your favourite rapper, thus is flow off,
Ain’t got no dust on mine so I’m on fucking time
Ain’t got no check, I’ll break your neck, I came to Busta Rhyme
Think think they paying flows,
Bitch you ain’t rushing with mine,
I’m sick to wait and feeling high well I’m cutting to line,
Man I’m talking shit, too stuck in my grind,
Got no change to my name, fuck it, I’m fucking with dime,
So I’ll be going off, ’cause I got rush and mind
He’ll be critique and every flow and every fuckin line,
No back and down been to the gun when I’ve been to the rain,
But I walk in the game like packin now
Dudge and shots, pack it out
Take your chips, cash em out,
Ain’t gonna win no rushing out,
Frankie slow it down, god damn dude, blackin up.

Believe it or not is Franky and Freezer
Freezer I’m poppin Franky I’m leaving
Cops got us under watch but we’re over achievers
On the run rap the... Coming straight from the block, yeah.
Believe it or not is Franky and Freezer
Freezer I’m poppin Franky I’m leaving
Cops got us under watch but we’re over achievers
On the run rap the... Coming straight from the block, yeah.

You ain’t fuckin with my life, if you ain’t dealing with pain,
You ain’t feeling the same, you ain’t really insane,
You ain’t doing records with rappers healign the game
You ain’t gotta get me nothing, fuck it I’m still in my fame
You know a deck of more drama, I’m dealing with them
Saying I ain’t got time for that, and mama really to blame,
I’m on my roll of riches, this shit is really and grane
Probably shouldn’t have never fuck with the kid that will really flame,
Be surprised if you want, yeah believe it or not,
They put chain in the game, I got that key to lock,
You ain’t seeing me stop, till I’m reaching the top,
Don’t stand too close, I’m hot, I’m poppin like Christian to pop
Though I’m cooking the flows and I’m booking some shows
Raining that club, well you ain’t fuck straight p**sy with dough,
And Frankie Vado shot that boy spit like a halo tips
So put your bet on me, I bet I bet will be that...


Iron feelie, earn with the silly flow,
I got bars that I’ll rough within the billy go,
I’ll give the city hope, I fly over the city like the channel 6
Chaper on the regular, none cash register,
Instead I take the money and I never give the money out,
Yes I’ll take her honey and I’ll never take your honey out,
Yes your honey suck me up I’ll never eat your honey out
And then I’ll take your honey out,
Her mouth’s good, I’ll call your honey honey mouth,
Where I’ll take her, honey call high out,
But if she flake in, I really raise her,
Quicker than the racer, I’m hide out
But if she flakin I really raise her
Quicker than the racer, then I will replace her
Young freezer, ice glass her, one bracelet, brighten on the other wrist,
Workers on the spot and some workers on another strip
Get that run from uncle city we work for the government, yeah.


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