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Fred The Godson – Monique's Room lyrics

I don't give a fuck about you anymore(anymore)
I don't give a fuck about you anymore girl(anymore)

Told you it was gon cost (told you)
I misplace things I'm sorry if I lost you
Yea right I fucked ya bestfriend purposely, my hearts teflon how dare you
Try hurtin me I fucked shorty you hate I told her work with me and she do
It better than you bitch that's word to me we sent the vid to ya facebook I
Wish I seen how ya face looked while I'm violatin you a pretender you
Caught amnesia you don't remember well I got the memory of an elephant I
Would say the nigga name but he ain't relevent

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2:]
Ya sister told me you was cryin, she feelin like you dyin I told her if I
Said I gave a fuck I'd be lyin cupid sent a slug through my shirt I told
You if you cross me my love would reverse, you stupid bitch damn you I'm
Glad ya heart is crippled I can't stand you I was the man who planned to
Cuff it up but you had dicks on the ceilin you fucked it up, lyin ass hoe I
Bounce right up and now I'm flyin that's you I got the memory of an
Elephant I would say the nigga name but he ain't relevent.

[Chorus 2:]

Ima ima ima real nigga I deserve better so fuck you(fuck you)
Ima ima ima real nigga! I deserve better so fuck you! I hate you!

[Chorus 3]

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