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Frank Zappa – Childish Perversions lyrics

Oh?: still, drinks it man, What. .. a man Gotta! prove himself Talk!
?: about childish perversions Where's!
?: Simmons It?
?: don't matter he's, in the he's, gettin' out of it man, he's, no Aynsley. ..
He: knew what he's got out man, Howard
I'll: get him in it Aynsley. ..
Lemme: lemme, tell you something Howard. ..
Say: you, give me the cue and you let me know when is safe Aynsley. ..
Ok: man, I, don't mind being poured on my head when, I'm saturate You. .. can pour it on my head any, time Howard
I: don't wanna pour it on your head man, George
What: I'm waiting for man, Aynsley?
Just: shut up Georgie, There
?: he is man, Howard
f: gay***creep I, can't even stand it You! you're, so child I can't even believe it man, Mark!
For: a year and a half you used to pour water over my head Howard
Water: It's! what I. .. could have stood water Well!
?: what, I'm saying is Howard. ..
He: did it to me A
?: little bit Howard. ..
A: little bit Feel? that It's! still wet man, Well!
?: listen, [, ]...look at that We'll
?: listen man, Take
?: me Take
?: me I
?: don't wanna hear Take. ..
?: me Take!
?: me I'm, yours I'll!
?: take you late man, It!
?: don't mean anything now man, I! hear you ranting and raving and you were gonna get me man, Mark
What: are you saying man, I?
?: was up on the second floor of the stairs he's, goin' "Wow, man, "![ ]...his voice it was getting uptight with eeeeeh Mark!
What: are you talking about man, Nobody? plotted to get you You! [ ]...No
?: I, mean just now Mark!
You: Oh. .. that, I!
?: didn't mean No. .. one plotted get me no, one wants to get me Mark
Howard: did Now
?: you do Mark
I: wanna get you I'm. .. gonna get you Oh
?: yeah, Get. .. me man,

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