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I swear to God we've been down this road before
The guilt's no good, and it only shames us more
And the truths that we all try to hide, are so much clearer when it's not our lives
When we don't face the blame

Won't you get on your knees, Have faith.
And believe in this lie with us all?
But now my body's on the floor and I am calling, I'm calling out to you... can you hear me now?

It's not rebellion when you're selling out to an out of fashion salesman
Our promising lives, are full of empty promises
Temptation's falling and calling you home again
I'm sorry, if we've let you down

Won't you get on your knees, Have faith.
And believe in this lie with us all?
But now my body's on the floor and I am calling, I'm calling out to you…can you hear me now?
Now my body's on the floor and I am crawling, I'm crawling out to you…can you hear me now?

What's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong

Now my body's on the floor and I am calling, I'm calling out to you…
Can you hear me now?

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  • l
    Littlebud014Nov 15, 2008 at 6:08 pm
    I think it has something to do with Religion and it's conflicts. People turning away their faiths because of what others say and someone is crying out to God for forgiveness because he did it too and went insane... That's my take on it from the lyrics and the video, with the guys in the white and black robes playing chess... the white robe represents faith and the black represents the antifaith, and at the end the white robe wins, then he wakes up, realises it was all a dream, he has his faith, so he smiles and goes back to sleep. I'll ask Framing Hanley if they ever respond to my message on Myspace.
  • KcIxKaNiBoL
    KcIxKaNiBoLApr 13, 2011 at 2:08 am
    This song has so much behinde it.
    Yah framing hanley did a good job with hidding in the small details that hardly anyone pays attention too.
    He's possibly talking about how everyday people try to be something their not meaning so many diffrent things such as possing as a fake, or even not owning up to our own faults and relizing who we are and accepting it.
    "Now my bodys on the floor and i am calling, im calling out to you...can you hear me now"
    thats a clear example of how we burie ourselves behinde this fake image of what people see us almost like a porsalin mask, and once a crack seeps threw the plaster that small voice of who we were starts to escape litttle by little till its almost like as if were in a split personality and once that mask is broken we see ourselfs for only a split second barly relizing that everything in our life that weve created almost seems empty and hollow and as soon as that happens then...a new one forms out of habbit
    "Can you hear me now"
  • f
    framinghanleybbySep 28, 2009 at 11:46 pm
    what is really means is finding yourself. he said it is an interview. these are his exact words: "the song hear me now, that song is the single right now. That song is about how you grow up and you’re told a lot of things that you’re just lead to believe because you’re young and you just grow up believing these things. The song is about having questions and wanting the real answers on your own as you’re starting to grow up. You’re starting to wonder about hypocrites in everyday life, and you’re starting to see these things that you necessarily don’t agree with. You kind of think that these people are doing this just because they were growing up believing this. That song is just about wanting to know what the real answers are. "

    so if you were really some fans you would know this.
  • x
    XtearsXdontXfallMar 25, 2009 at 5:09 pm
    yea it may have a religious meaning in there but from i got from the video is that he is comparing life to a game of chess. The white is friends and the black is his enimies. He watches one by one as he loses friends to enimies and he is calling out to them, "can you hear me now?" He watches as he slowly loses the game and just breaks down when he sees that he has nothing left and has lost the game. Thats what i got and it is very true.
  • n
    notAnAngelyetMar 9, 2009 at 8:35 pm
    yeah you should, i think it means that its about the lord interfering with there relation ship. one doesnt belive the other does. one has fear involved amongst other things. the one is looking for her to be with instead of whom he should be there for.(the lord) maybe hes hideing within her. using her as a hiding spot. bc of his mind.he loves her but she knows the difference between morality.but she still is confused herself. he makes her feel better of whom she is within temptation. and the fact she loves him makes her want to give in to temptation shes far away and misses him deeply and when he says(Temptation's falling and calling you home again
    I'm sorry, if we've let you down)
    thats him saying you misssing me making u want what we once have had and this god is pulling you away thats why i think hes calling her and hes fighting with god and her bc god needs her and so does he. its like a conflict between a human and the lord.they had a previous relation bf she moved or left and became a better person with out him i belive then somehow they got ahold of another and he knew of this from the begining he just is afraid of that reality. he calls it a lie bc he does love is person but its like hes indenial.maybe hes rebelling with anger or it could be his body craves her idk just a guess...

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