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FOXAL – We're Okay lyrics

We're okay,
We're okay, okay.
Yesterday sucked but we're better today.
Happiness comes and its here to sta-a-ay.
We're okay.

We’re okay,
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling so much younger than twenty-two.
I was born ‘96 to the parents of 2,
They had a couple more kids and then they were through.

I was,
Born and raised in the heart of suburbia,
But I spit with a toxicity that will murder ya.
Every bar carries a weight that would burden ya.
I'm the center of the universe,
What up now, Copernicus?

I’m ballin out, I'm letting it all hang out,
I'm letting my inner child out to scream and shout.
Yabbitty beep-bop-bow Skittity beep-bop-boo
And I can tell by your smiles that you’re feeling this too.

I gotta,
Pocket full of these rays of sun.
Life’s just a beach, I got my sandals on,
I’m ready to have some fun, the party’s just begun,
And we’re the only ones in the world today cause...

Life is our day, you can’t take it.
I’m so O-K, I couldn’t fake it,
We’re gonna fight for it up until we make it,
My people and I, we’re anything but basic.

See you creeping round the corner so jealous,
Today there’s not a single thing that you could tell us,
That would wipe the smiles off our faces.
Me and my homies, we’re going places, man.

We're okay,
We're okay, okay.
Yesterday sucked but we're better today.
Happiness comes and its here to sta-a-ay.
We're okay.

We’re OKAY,
Mans, it’s okay.
Cause today, yeah,
You can be what you wanna be, say what you wanna say,
Think of what you want and then take, take, take!

We won’t stop for nothing, full speed ahead,
Like clifford is pulling us on his dog-sled,
Night may fall, but we ain’t going to bed, because trying to sleep puts
Me in my own head and I’m,

Scared of that, but we don’t discuss.
We’ve all got fears, no need to fuss.
The future’s scary, but not to us.
Cause today’s OK, so tomorrow must be,

Something new, we’ll wait and see,
We’re not afraid because we can’t be beat.
Move along, there’s nothing here to see,
I’m just making a star, and I’m making it me!

You want what you, can’t have.
We fight for what we, do have,
I write for what I, could have,
Should have would have, have have have!

Life’s so much more than material things,
Spendin’ all your money on diamond rings, sheesh!
I’d rather have fun than all that bling
But I’m dirt poor so just do ya thing.

Keep ya friends close, keep yourself even more,
Can’t lose the game if you ain’t keeping score,
Can’t keep your pain behind closed doors,
Let it all out like a lion’s roar!

You’re a masterpiece, not a catastrophe,
Say it happily we know what’s happening,
We know what factors into this fast release,
We hate violence that’s why we keep the peace,
We hate weaponry we fight verbally
That’s exactly why we must repeat
The simple steps that we chose to keep
Right near our hearts, right where we breathe.

We fight with words to be free, free, free!
You are the person you choose to be,
That’s why I choose to be me,
Yesterday became history

The history that your kids will read about
Let me know how it all turns out,
I’ll be happy with or without most the things that you need right now.

We’re okay that’s why today we choose to play and we paint the sky our
Own shade of gray and know that tomorrow we’ll be okay!!

We're okay,
We're okay, okay.
Yesterday sucked but we're better today.
Happiness comes and its here to sta-a-ay.
We're okay.

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